What are the new changes in the ACNH 2.0 update?

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After months of waiting, the latest update of Animal Crossing finally ushered in. Players are more involved in the new update. The latest update not only brings new characters to players but also provides more advanced auxiliary materials for house construction.

1. Mobile phone camera application upgrade
Players can switch to handheld camera mode. This operation is not difficult. In the game, the camera will adjust the angle according to the player's perspective. Switch to a tripod camera, and players can take photos with islanders or NPCs! This feature is very meaningful. Players who want to take photos can also choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells to set a more beautiful background. Friends who like to take pictures in real life can enjoy the camera function in the game.

2. Chat with Animal Crossing villagers
In the ACNH 2.0 update, players can chat with islanders. Players can enter the dialogue they want to chat in the dialogue box. After receiving the invitation, the player can play with the small animal NPC.

3. Diversified fences
The choice of fences is also more diverse. The ACNH 2.0 update includes park fences, brick fences, ice fences, iron fences, etc. In general, the landscape on the island will be more diverse than before!

4. Multifunctional ladder
Players who do not have a ladder and want to go upstairs can buy a new DIY recipe for ladders in the store. Players who get the ladder DIY recipe can easily reach the upper level without stairs.

In addition to this function, the furnishings of the Animal Crossing Club are also very delicate. The upgraded club can store up to 5000 items. Such a space can store all the items that players love.

In the service center, you can find Rick to change the appearance of the house. Players who have ultra-high demands on the house will have more diverse choices. Players can choose different house shapes according to the landscape of the island! Players with unique thought structures will play a huge role in house design.

Players can obtain all the furniture needed for the house by completing tasks in the game. If you feel wasted time, you can Buy ACNH Bells from acbellsbuy.com to quickly get the furniture and other decorations you need.