10 Pointers for showing rugs at home

Rugs aren’t only for the living-room floor — specialist Elisabeth Parker offers inspiration for remodeling AN interior, illustrated with a range of works from our might 2016 on-line sale


1. Escape the utilitarian


Practical areas don’t get dull. Think about exchanging utilitarian mats in your lavatory or room with one thing brighter. a vibrant floor covering will enliven a sterile area – drawing the attention to pattern, instead of your chrome steel refrigerator. offer your feet a contented place to square once you’re at the sink laundry dishes!

2. Give previous furnishings a facelift


Bored with Associate in Nursing old lounge however not able to reupholster, or bored of a neutral color scheme? Tuck a skinny carpeting beneath the lowest cushion to instantly provide Grandma’s sofa a makeover.

3. or use floor covers to supply


Think about employing a rug to hide or upholster an Ottoman. A fun, vibrant rug can bring a vivacious centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to contemplate used rugs for sale with a deep pile, which might be nice for transferring a component of texture or warmth.

4. An best addition to a well-made bed


A skinny rug, draped throughout the lowest of a bed, can deliver a flavor of opulence into the room — ideal for elegantly heat feet in winter.

5. or an alternate panel


Can’t realize the proper headboard, or fallen soft on with a specific design? suspend a textile or a carpet higher than your bed for a moment's game-changer.


6. Perfect for wide empty walls


Hanging a textile or rug will be a perfect thanks to bring color to reveal walls – with giant items providing statement-making coverage.

7. Dapper dining


Drape a kilim, or flat tapestry-woven rug, over a desk in place of a tablecloth for an on the spontaneous make-over.

8. Break the policies


Conventional know-how dictates that a rug has to observe the form of the room and be surrounded through a border of 1 to 2 toes of uncovered wood flooring – and that the toes of all fixtures have to relax in your carpet. But the ones policies may be damaged and regularly assist create a dynamic area that greenbacks tradition.


9. Don’t compromise due to size


Falling in love with a rug that is too small?  Place it on a bigger Sisal, or woven base: you’ll upload shade and texture, and the scale will give up to matter.


10. Show your rug to most effect


If your room is an unconventional shape, show your rug at an angle — a tactic that also can paint properly in a bedroom, making sure that the splendor of a rug isn’t hidden with the aid of using a bed. This is specially powerful while the carpet itself, or its design, isn’t flawlessly symmetrical.

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