What is the difference between the red laser pointer and other colors?

But the color is different = the wavelength is different = the mechanism is different = the price is different.


But the color is different = the wavelength is different = the mechanism is different = the price is different. The simple red laser pointer has been around for a long time and can be bought very cheaply. You need to press and hold the power button to use it. Release the button to turn off the laser. This is a safety feature that prevents users from accidentally being exposed to the laser beam. This high-power Burning Laser Pointers is rated IIIa, strong enough to hurt your eyes, so be sure to read the warning label on the pointer. It is powerful enough that you must be careful and avoid aiming near people, pets, cars and airplanes. Provide a one-year limited warranty. This high-power laser pointer provides 20 milliwatts (mW) of power and limits its sales. In many areas, consumers limit their laser intensity to less than 5 milliwatts, citing safety concerns. This laser pointer overcomes this limitation because it produces a beam that is much stronger than many consumer models. The purple beam can reach a distance of more than 200 meters.

The body length of the device is just over 6 inches and uses the power button. As a safety feature, this button requires constant pressure for laser operation. This prevents the laser from accidentally emitting the beam and protects the battery from accidental discharge. This device does not contain any other advanced security features, and you cannot lock the device to the closed position during storage. You can use this device for demonstrations, but the attached cover serves no practical purpose. This purple laser pointer projects a beam of light in a star pattern. In theory, this can increase the atmosphere of the room. More realistically, it is difficult for this kind of Laser Pointer to attract attention to a specific point in space. In some cases, the device may project a visible light beam, but the connected head will diffuse most of the device's energy.

The battery is used for power supply. Regarding the type, type and number of batteries used, please read the instruction manual or read the instructions on the product detail page. In addition, depending on the production time, the instruction manual may or may not be included. In this case, please use the instruction manual that matches the description of the power supply and power supply described on the product detail page.