The Importance of CISA Certification training

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The CISA certification or Certified data system Auditor is a globally recognized certification that focuses on the audit, control, and security of an organization’s information systems. A CISA certification may be a highly respected certification within IT, and to secure a certificate, o


Getting CISA certification requires much commitment, making the professionals highly respected because it proves the Profesional’ various skills and intelligence. The worth for a CISA certification is $575 for members and $760 for non-members. CISA exam is graded on a scale of 200- 800 points so to pass a candidate must earn a minimum score of 450 or higher. The rationale why getting CISA certification is useful and holds extreme value is that the raise the quality salary of a CISA certificate holder is up to $100,000.


Mercury Solutions provides CISA certification training Course programs in India, the USA, UK, Middle East, and Singapore. Mercury Solutions is one of the foremost renowned training centers for CISA with an elite clientele and other benefits like

Each professional is given anywhere and everywhere LMS access allowing them to review with ease

Mercury Solutions provide Live trainer-led CISA training allowing inquiries to be asked in real-time and helping learn better.

Recorded class sessions are also provided for later viewing and last-minute revisions

Extensive research and study material is given to each professional to review and learn better and help enhance skills and knowledge required within the exam

Trainers at Mercury Solutions each have 10 years of experience.

Get To Know about the CISA certification syllabus has 5 domains


Information System Auditing Process (21%)

Governance and Management of IT (17%)

Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation (12%)

Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience (23%)

Protection of Data Assets (27%)

To help candidates fulfill CISA requirements ISACA provided a waiver option:-


1-year waiver

60 University semester credit hours which is like 2 years of associate’s degree.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university that enforces the ISACA - sponsored Model Curricula

2- year waiver

120 university semester credits which is like 4 years of bachelor’s degree.

3-year waiver

To waive 3 years you'll use a master’s degree or a postgraduate degree in information systems or a related field.