How do I find my Wells Fargo Account and Routing Number?

To find your account number, routing number, or other banking details, log in with your Wells Fargo login info and click on the account type to display the details.


If you want to share your Wells Fargo account or routing number with others and you wish to get your hands on it, then you might need to follow a set of steps to get these details. Once you have your account number or routing number, then you will be able to pay for different things online. You also get the ability to use several digital payment services for making instant purchases on the web. With your Wells Fargo login account or routing number, you can also set up Direct Deposit from your account and do a lot more.

So, in the section below, we shall learn how you can access your full account details including your account number as well as routing number. However, before moving ahead in this procedure, it is important that you know your Wells Fargo login details. If you do not have access to these details, then you may not be able to go ahead with this procedure. In that case, you can reset your account login credentials and then go ahead with following the details given below.

Finding Wells Fargo account/routing number

  1.       To begin with, go to the Wells Fargo login page
  2.       Sign in with your account login credentials
  3.       The next page will show your account summary
  4.       Here, you need to click on the account type of which you want the details
  5.       For example, you can click on the Checking account option
  6.       On the next page, you will see the account number and routing number options
  7.       Now, you can tap on the "Account Number" option to get the details
  8.       Close the pop-up window and click on the "Routing Number" option
  9.       The screen will show your Direct Deposit and Wire Transfers routing numbers
  10.   If you have noted these details, click on the cross and select "Finish"


A lot of users struggle with finding their Wells Fargo routing number and account number. For such users, we have created this helpful article to help them understand the complete process that goes behind finding the Wells Fargo login account number and routing. If you found this post helpful, you can share it with others too. Also, note that the process given here may slightly vary on desktop or mobile phone.