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The possibility of online art sales is there. Learn more in the "Resilience in the Dealer Sector : A

Despite numerous lockdown lifts digital transactions are still picking up speed despite these. It is because of a number of reasons. For one, the widespread pandemic normalized the online world.

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Although millennials have bought artwork from galleries that were traditional since the closing of those galleries They are today "big spending consumers" and their employment levels are stable.


Even industries that are struggling can find workers. The possibility of online art sales is there. Learn more in the "Resilience in the Dealer Sector : A


Mid-Year Review Report 2021' Dr. Clare McAndrew is a renowned cultural economist who founded Arts Economics.

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Artwork Archive has witnessed a variety of non-profits hosting art sales. These sales online don't just serve as fundraisers, but they also help local artists and the community.


creative economy.


Every year, the Point O' woods Arts Association hosts a show in the summer where they sell artwork. A large portion of their members were affected by the 2020 pandemic.


Artwork Archive was able to show the exhibit online, to ensure that members could not attend. The show was extremely successful and there was even an online part.