Name your price WooCommerce

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Customers can share prices of the same product from a different store selling at a lesser cost and can avail discount coupon code as per owner choice.

Customers can share prices of a different e-store to you which are selling a similar product at a lesser cost with Name your price WooCommerce. It enables the store owner to beat opponent product prices which assist and increase sales and engagements. It allows you to sell the product at the same price and even provide a lower price than the competitor. WooCommerce Price Guaranteed Extension enables you to generate coupon codes for a product against which the customer demands a lower price. It will help customers to avail discounts. The owner can fix the coupon usage limit and expiration date for a coupon. Both registered users and guest users can benefit from a coupon code. This plugin allows you to customize the size, fields, and colors of the popup.