Try a Boat Tour When You're Vacationing in Oahu

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You have a lot of choices about what to do on a Hawaiian vacation. You can choose something solemn and historic like Pearl Harbor, adventurous like North Shore shark tours, or naturally splendid like the rainforest. But in addition to all of those, make sure to get yourself out on the ocean in a boat. Being surrounded by the sea makes the islands unique, and the only way to experience it entirely is to be out on the water. While you're there, you can see marine life (sharks included), ride big waves, and see the coastline from the most interesting perspective. It's a sightseeing activity for the whole family.

If you're old enough to remember slow-moving wooden tour boats with bench seating in many vacation destinations, what you'll ride today is entirely different. Tours now are aboard advanced watercraft that is smooth-riding and fast. It's a secure and comfortable experience that swiftly moves you from point to point on an ocean adventure. Anyone who previously might have passed fearing a slow-moving experience should sign up for a ride today to understand the difference. Out on the ocean, you need to cover distances quickly, and when it's easy, things move faster, and it's more fun – and you'll see more.

Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunsets, and if you like painted skies, they aren't to be missed. Depending on the time of year, you can plan a boat tour in the late afternoon or early evening hours to be out as the sun goes down. It's an ideal family or group activity, and if you're on the island for business meetings, corporate groups enjoy boat tours for socializing. If your family or group is large enough, consider chartering a private tour. It will proceed at your direction and take you to all the sights you'd like to see. It also lets you set the pace, and you can choose leisurely or a faster-moving experience.

If you're in Oahu between December and April, it's an ideal time to go whale watching. Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters off the Oahu coast to give birth to their young and avoid winter up north. There is no better way to view these majestic creatures up close than by being out on the water at the right moment during the year. Bring your camera because there will be plenty of photo opportunities on each ride. You can consult with your tour operator about the best times of day to see the most action. But when you're there at the right moment in the year, your chances of seeing a lot of action are good.