3 Utilities of Typography Videos eLearning Industry Should Know

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Typography helps the eLearning companies to increase engagement of the learning videos, hence increasing the efficiency of their learning content.

Typography has been used to make videos attractive for years. The impressive floating texts add an additional impact over the message delivered by the content. We come across typography videos on social media platforms, youtube, and many other mediums almost regularly. But, most of these are for business or informative purposes only. Here the question arises, can typography video be used for eLearning educational design solutions purposes as well? We will talk about it in detail in this blog.

Adding Typography Videos in Learning PPTs

Sometimes the learning PPTs become boring because of too much textual content. In digital mode, there are chances that the learners might discontinue the course in such cases. So, there arises a need to hook the learners to these learning PPTs. Typography can do this job for eLearning companies.

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