While I'm not saying that runescape ought to be more similar to WOW

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Since the completion of this challenge takes more than 99 levels across a variety of capabilities, it's one of the hardest items to get in RS Gold. The cape provides a +9 bonus to each combat statistic and 10 teleport charges (rechargeable every day) to every Achievement Diary master. Owners can also play an emote specifically designed to acknowledge their fantastic work.

Kourend Kebos. Principal reward: Rada's Blessed 4 - It could be unsurprising that the scroll that small is valuable. Rada's Blessing is a top slot ammunition for prayer bonus, which is greater than even god's blessings. In addition, this item can give you unlimited teleports towards Kourned Woodland, two times better drop rate for Xeric Talisman, unlimited transfer options towards Mount Karuul, and many other advantages.

Karamja. The main reward is the Karamja Gloves 4. A pair of these gloves is extremely useful or even mandatory for players looking attain Agility of 99 in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. They give you +10% experience in this arena, which is excellent news for those who are learning to improve their Agility since it's the slowest to train. It's not the only benefit that is offered to those wearing gloves in this zone. Pressure pads require one less tick for completion which results in faster routes. Not all the extra benefits you get with this item.

Karamja Gloves 4 also offer discounts in Mor Ul Rek, shortcut over Shilo Village river, access to the underground Shilo Village mine Old School RuneScape Gold, and unlimited teleports that connect to this mine (by wearing gloves that operate). Also, players who would be interested in farming Fight Caves will have their lives easier as Tokkul of Fight Caves will come at the double price with Karamja Gloves 4.