Jim Corbett National Reserve - The Nature Lover's Heaven

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The awe inspiring presence of tiger and the lustrous valley of Himalayas is what attracts tourists from around the globe to the Jim Corbett National Park. This reserve is the oldest in India and is obviously the best one. This is the abode of more than 50 types of mammals and 250 types of birds. So if you want to pass your holidays in the roaring of Royal Bengal Tiger and chirping of birds then Jim Corbett National Reserve is a must destination for you. The thrill and excitement is enhanced with the presence of Safari zones in Corbett they are the entry gates for us to the dwellings of the unseen wonders.

There are mainly four Safari zones in Corbett. They are Bijrani Safari Zone, Dhikala Safari Zone, Durga Devi Safari Zone and Jhirna Safari Zone. Out of all of them people mainly gets attracted to the Bijrani Safari Zone and Dhikala Safari Zone. They are the nearest to the forest gates and they are very popular as easily the presence of man eating mammals can be seen from here. The most exciting journey of the jungle comes to proper shape with the presence of the Elephant safari in Corbett. There are other two also the jeep safari and the Canter safari, but the most exciting one is obviously the Elephant safari in Corbett. This is a proper wild journey to the abode of those for whom you have come here.

The Elephant safari in Corbett will take you to the unknown lanes of the reserve making you see the wild animals from as close as where you really do not need to have a binocular. This makes your thrill; excitement and joy take a whole new shape making you get the joy of a life time. Two times you can get the Elephant safari in Corbett. They are early morning 6.30am and evening 3.30 pm. My suggestion would be to go for both of them once to take a trip of the nature with all its color and other than this the morning and the evening safari will make you understand the presence of the wildlife fully in the reserve.

The Safari zones in Corbett are all the homes of excellent holiday destination with almost all the elite class facilities that you have dreamt off. Take for instance the presence of over 30 resorts in Corbett makes it an easy to get accommodation place. The resorts in Corbett are facilitated with features like jungle camp, spa and various sports amenities. Other than this they are naturally set in the beautiful valley of Nainital, blessed with River Koshi which makes the scenic beauty of the Resorts take a whole new dimension. If you are a nature lover this is simply the best holiday destination in India for you. Early booking is a must to get the best rooms and facilities.


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