See Sharks in Hawaii Without Cage Diving

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More than a few people are interested in seeing sharks while on Oahu but aren't wild about the idea of cage diving. If you're one of them, see the fascinating creatures by boat on one of the shark tours North Shore vacationers enjoy the most. Today's tour boats are fast-moving, smooth-riding, and enjoyable. It's why the sightseeing trips today are known as ocean adventures. It's a far cry from creeping along in a wooden tour boat like people might have done in years past. Bring your camera because you'll want to take snapshots to remember your time out on the water in Oahu. Go in the evening and see the sunset.

If your interest in marine life extends beyond sharks, make a point to go whale watching if you're in Oahu from December through April. Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii during the winter months, where they birth their young and enjoy the temperate waters. Experienced local captains can take you to all the best spots to see the most. If you want more information about the best times of day to see whales and sharks, ask any tour operator for advice. They're out on the water every day and have a clear idea about the optimal times. If your budget allows for it, you might want to consider touring privately.

The waters of Oahu are known for various sharks, including hammerhead, Galapagos, sand, and occasionally tiger sharks. If you have an interest in any or all, you'll see them on tour. Some reach impressive sizes/lengths, and noting replaces seeing them in their natural habitat. Alternatively, if you are interested in sea turtles and dolphins, you can often see them on the same boat tour, albeit in different spots. On the way to and from the viewing areas, you'll see panoramic views of the North Shore coastline, which is one of the most beautiful in all of Oahu. It's why people return many times.

If you're planning to visit Oahu during the prime winter tourist months, it's a wise idea to book ahead, so you go out on the day and time that you choose. The weather is consistent, so there aren't many bad days for boating. It's also nice to mix an ocean adventure with land-based activities, including sitting by a pool (or on a beach) and relaxing. The ideal vacation is a mix of enjoyable things – just enough of each one and never too much. The internet has revolutionized vacation planning, and with everything available online, you can find the information you need from anywhere in the world.