How to download Path of Exile from Epic Games Store & Steam for free: Step by Step Guide and Tips

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"Path of Exile" is a free role-playing action video game developed by Grinding Gear Games. It is the old name and was released on PC and macOS on October 23, 2013.

Although the Path of Exile has a long history and has a high status in the hearts of players, the Path of Exile is still regularly updated. Steam reviews give Path of Exile very high, and it is free on many platforms. It is a small but addictive product, and POE Currency is very popular in the gaming community.

We will discuss the steps to download this game from Steam and Epic Games Store.

You need to open an account in the Epic Games Store. You can enter the required information or use Google, Facebook, etc. Scroll down and enable "two-way authentication" via email, SMS or Authenticator App. After completing the above steps, click the "Get Epic Games" button in the upper right corner of the website to download the Epic Games Launcher. You can download the same content from the link above.

After downloading the Epic Games Launcher, open it and go to the Epic Games Store. It is located in the left menu with the store label. Scroll down to the Free Games section under Free Games. There, you can find the path of exile. Clicking on the game image will prompt you to enter its page, where you can click "Get Now" and complete the free transaction.

Path of Exile will be added to your media library, and you can download it at any time because all titles can be used for life once they are copyrighted. To start the download, click on the "Media Library" tab on the left menu of Epic. Game launcher. Click the "Exile Path" image, and then select the installation drive and folder before clicking "OK".

You can monitor the download status by going to the download option in the lower left menu of Epic Launcher. To download any game from Steam, you must have a Steam account. You can register a new account from here, or you can use an existing account.

You must have a Steam Launcher to download games. You can download it from the official website of Steam. (After installation, log in to the Steam account you created in step 1 or an existing account). Open the Steam launcher and search for the path of exile.  You will be taken to the game page by Buy POE Currency.

Click "Play Games" to add it to your Steam library. Unlike the Epic Games Store, after adding a game to the Steam library, it will start downloading in the default location.