Easy ways to stop termite spreading

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There are several steps homeowners can take to protect themselves and their property from termites. 

Termites can be a disgusting thing as they are stubborn to remove from the property. The majority of people don’t have enough knowledge on how to handle the termites and pests but with the help of experienced termite control Melbourne company, it’s possible to kill the termite from roots. There are several steps homeowners can take to protect themselves and their property from termites. As a general "best practice" guide for all customers, experts always recommend the following advice: 

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  • Periodic inspection 

Of course, the best way to prevent termites is to organize regular inspections. Regular inspections by qualified professionals ensure that the problem is identified early before major damage occurs and costly repairs are required. 

  • Prevention of moisture and water leaks 

Moisture is arguably one of the main reasons termites invade and cause damage to homes. Floods act as lures and usually cause always active termites in that area of the house. Leaks in faucets, showerheads, and toilets are the main causes and can be fixed quickly to prevent termite epidemics. 

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 Moisture and another source of moisture are the overflow pipes of air conditioners and water heaters. In most cases, overflow pipes or drain nozzles are attached to the sides of the property, causing water to collect on the edges of the wall. Again, this attracts termites to the area, usually resulting in termites invading the land. 

 Make sure all leaking faucets, showerheads, and toilets are repaired as soon as possible Make sure the air conditioner drip pipe is not leaking at the edge of the property. Install a drain or keep water away from your home Make sure the hot water system does not leak near the edge of the wall. Install a drain or keep water away from the facility Signs of humidity in the house should be investigated immediately.

  • Cleaning the roof and gutters is also worthwhile

Especially in the case of heavy or continuous rain, Keep the tear holes clean. Another common cause of termites is vegetation, mulch, or soil-covered loopholes along the perimeter of the land. This makes termites very easy to access as they wander the ground and vegetation, pass through drop holes and begin to eat scaffolding on the premises. 

Keep your garden area clean that is free from extra water to prevent pest and germs growth. Be conscious of where you water (hose, sprinkler systems, etc) Avoid footings and timber structures built in direct contact with the ground. Most decks and pergolas are made up of timber so, they are more likely to get pest growth due to exposure.  


Always consult pest inspection Melbourne specialists and contractors before starting construction Make sure the correct material is used. Ensure the contractor follows all building codes while pest control and inspection project. Hope you found the blog useful in handling termites and pests to make your property a clean and hygienic place.

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