During this stage of advancing in Runescape

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As I look back at that question now, I realize that what those 2 people said was true. There is not any longer anything left to buy that would be an upgrade in terms of RuneScape gold gameplay. Trimmed armor doens't supply any armor bonus over full rune. Santa hat is great for owning (worth plenty of gp), but a complete rune helm actually supplies a defense bonus, whereas the Santa hat does not give a defense bonus at all. There's no longer any useful Runescape thing that can not be bought. Have full rune armor/scimitar; rune pickaxe along with hatchet; full green dragonhide armor.

Can there be anything worthwhile to purchase (3.2 M gp in bank account)? At this point, I think the only Runescape buys that would be helpful might be things to level up one of the following skills: present 53; Magic 54; Runecraft 53; Crafting 55; Smithing 51. (Aside: present attack 71; strength 73; shield 70; which range 52; mining 64; firemaking 60; woodcutting 64.)

Free-to-play planet: I conquered Elvarg, I then trained on ankous, got to att/str/def/hp of ca. 60 each. There wasn't anything left to perform in Runescape (been to Varrock/Rimmington/Falador/all dungeons/all f2p guilds), so I made the horrible decision to learn more about the Wilderness: Runescape had only eliminated PvP (and in running to Fist of Guthix, there were not any big hazards). So in planning of Wilderness exploring, I equipped with full rune armor + rune scimitar and inventory filled with lobsters. I explored the Chaos temple near Fist of Guthix, I was the only person there... I then explored the Dark Warrior's Fortress, the Bandit Camp, the ruins to the west of the Bandit Camp. I swung at it using all the Rune Scimitar, but that I was not even getting blue zero splats - that I was not even making contact with the rune scimitar!

However, I knew this was a losing proposition; I am not even making contact with my own rune scimitar, never mind hitting the revenant for harm. I tried to run away, but I could not. The revenant continued taking away my HP (ca. 10 at a time), I only kept eating more lobsters. I then recalled that you have to turn on"Protect from Magic" prayer and then run. I did... and I ran all the way out of this wilderness. I still had several lobster, tons of HP - but this has been a scare.

. There was nobody in the coal mine. Then out of buy OSRS gold nowhere, a level 65 Revenant freezes me. I guess I wasn't in low-enough-level Wilderness, but the coal mine is very-low-level such as Fist of Guthix, why is this searchable Revenant coming at me? It had been hitting 8 HP at a time. I attempted melee attacking it, but I wasn't aware (back in that time) which Revenants utilized a freezing spell then step two squares off so you can't melee them.