If You're Returning to Oahu, Visit the North Shore

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There's a lot to see and do in Oahu each time you visit Hawaii. When you've toured Pearl Harbor, visited Diamond Head, and walked Waikiki Beach, check out North Shore boat tours as another fun activity for the entire family. They'll take you to see many things in a single ride. If you're around during winter, you can see whales, and at other times of the year, sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles. The tour boats you'll ride these days are smooth and fast. Many people find them more comfortable than their predecessors, and the smooth ride calms any fears about sea-sickness. You can keep your mind on seeing the sights.


Boat tours on the North Shore leave from convenient Haleiwa Harbor, which is an easy drive, and there's always free parking. Once you're out on the water, there is so much to see and do. Marine life is only the beginning. You'll cruise past many well-known sights that your local captain will point out. If you're fascinated by surfing, it's a fun adventure to tour the surfing spots with picturesque beaches on the shoreline. It's Oahu's Seven Mile Miracle that's some of the most famous surfing spots on earth. If you've never seen big swells and wave breaks before, it's an impressive one-of-a-kind spot to tour.


You can dine, shop, and relax in the Honolulu area, which are ideal counterpoints to your out-on-the-water ocean adventure boat ride on the North Shore. The world-class stores and fine dining eateries are legendary and designed to help you enjoy a perfect vacation. Or sample native Hawaiian culture and enjoy a luau. They're all excellent things to do depending on your interests. If you're escaping a stressful life, you might want to spend most of your time under a palm tree on the beach, and that's okay. Vacations should be about whatever you want to do with no expectations and responsibilities.


One of the most dependable things about visiting Hawaii is the weather. Although if you're yearning for variety, there's every reason to visit a tropical rainforest. Volcanoes are another major attraction, and the Hawaii Volcanoes National park deserves a visit. There aren't many places on earth where you can see what you'll see there. Active lava flows aren't your everyday occurrence in most locales. If you want to visit Maui or other islands, short local flights generally are the easiest way to get there. You'll fly over gorgeous scenery and deep blue oceans the entire way. No place else in the world is like Hawaii.