social determinants of health

This database contains more than 300 categories of data related to Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

There are various factors that influence and determine the health status of individuals is known as determinants of health. The determinants of health are classified by complex interactions among social and economical factors as well as the physical environment and individual behavior. There are many determinants of health. Here are the main Social Determinants Of Health.

  • Social status: If a person has higher income and social status then it links to an automatic improvement in health status. This can be seen as the primary factor that determines the health of people, the higher the gap between the poor and the richer class of the society, the greater are the disparities in greater health.
  • Literacy: High literacy rate also helps to improve the health status of a place. Education helps indirectly to improve the health of the people. Education helps people to be aware of the world and helps them to take precautionary steps to improve their health.

  • Genetic: genetic structure of a person also helps in determining the health of a person. If the person has a family background of a certain disease, then it is most likely that the upcoming generation has a greater chance to suffer from the same disease. Whereas people will strong genetic structures are naturally stronger and immune to many diseases. Thus, genetics is one of the main social determinants of health.

  • Environment: one of the most important determinants of health is the physical environment a person belongs to. The type of air breathed by the person, the quality of water drank by them, housing, transportations all act as a huge part when it comes to the determinants of health. If a person is in an unsafe physical environment, then the chance of getting unhealthy increases than the person living in a safe environment.

  • Child development: A healthy childhood life ensures a healthy life. It is important to have nutritious food growing up as lack of proper care and unfit childhood is a cause of unhealthy life. Not having a balanced childhood may also lead to an unhealthy future.

  • Personal life: this is one of the determinants of health that a person can change; health also depends on the choices made by an individual throughout their life. The right choice determines a healthy life while a bad choice like excessive smoking and drinking will deteriorate one’s life.

  • There any many other small social determinants of health like background, social environment, health service, employment and working conditions, social support network.


All the above mentioned points are the top social determinants of health and thus, must be taken care of. For more information, you can surf through our website and gain more knowledge about health.