Can I Curl My Hair With a Hair Dresser?

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During the lockdown, people experimented and worked on various skills that they did.t have time to work on until the pandemic happened—makeup, cooking, physical fitness, yoga, hair styling, and so much more. Hairstyling is one of the basic skills that every lady has to keep their physical appearance presentable. For different styles, there are different tools for curling the hair; the first thing that would come to your mind is finding the Hair Extension Sydney for getting the curls of your preference.

These best curlers sure would give the mesmerising curls, but it could be a bit of an investment. Not everyone can invest in the Best Hair Curler, but every lady sure has the Hairdresser Sydney among their styling equipment. Well, yes, you can surely curl your hair using a hair straightener.

Here are four simple and easy steps to curl your hair with a straightener. 

  • Prep Up The Hair  

It's a good idea to use a heat protection product whenever you use a heat protectant to prevent your hair from getting damaged. You can opt for the product of your choice or take the help of the hairdresser to find you the right heat protectant as per your requirement. Make sure to apply the thermal protectant all the way down the hair. 

  • Section Your Hair  

Part the hair into sections at the beginning. The number of sections you make will be determined by the thickness of your hair. You could do two portions for fine hair, separating the hair horizontally into a top and bottom half. Create four portions with the hair separated into even quadrants if you have thicker hair. 



  • Take Out One Inch Hair Segment  

After you have sectioned your hair such that you can take the whole section for comfortable curling, it is time to start curling your hair. Wait, before you get to grab some random segment of hair, it is good to ensure that you have the one-inch segment of your hair only. This way, you would have the right amount of hair that your hair straightener plates can effectively iron.  

  • Start Curling The Hair  

The process is simple and easy to get the hang of it in some of the repetitive attempts. You'll want to start by turning your flat iron upside down (the cord should be facing up). Then, at the base of the hair shaft, gently clamp onto the individual segment of hair you're dealing with.

Twist the straightener away from your face after the hair is in between the flat iron plates, so the section is wrapped around the outside of the closed flat iron. Gently glide the flat iron along with the piece of hair until you reach the ends, keeping the twist in place. When the iron lets go of the hair, it should spring back into place, creating a beautiful curl.

This is it! 

This way, even if you do not want to Hair Extension Sydney, you can curl your hair by using your Hairdresser Sydney within no time.

Source - How to Curl Your Hair With A Hair Dresser?