What has become of Runescape?

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Every where I go there is so much anti marcoing advertisements and threats about marcoing that it has come to point where we have to say enough is enough. For one, I strongly stand against macroing since it will ruins the game and makes it almost impossible for RuneScape gold us fair players to get resources to assist us art. In this subject I want to bring out the point that there's too much anxiety about that entire anti marcoing campany which Jagex and well everyone is now moving.

First off, everyday I log into Runescape and have my fair share of skilling in a crowd spot. Generally, I really don't like talking from the general public as it could get really annoying espically when training Mining and Firemaking. Also, I've public chat off, because all the coloured and animated texts can get bothersome. However, I only have people on when I'm doing a clan event or answering a few questions or really talking to people whom I need to speak to.

And lets face it, the only questions that I encounter when training is"whats your level in that ability?" So generally I really don't chat in the public, as I generally like talking to the clan from the clan conversation. So there I am, training my skill silent as a mouse. After awhile of people trying to ask me what my level is, they come to the assumption that I'm a bot, because I'm not speaking. So, I can safely assume they report me and I get intimidated by random events, which are sometimes quite great, but they prevent me from coaching my abilities.

Of coarse I am not marcoing, therefore that I don't get any punishment. However, I get the felling that there's too much fear about that entire marcoing thing and Jagex is driving the train to quickly for this to be any good. Every where I go about the Jagex website, there is some type of Anti Marcoing ad, or there is some sort of post about reporting Bots.

All this has made the general public assume that all people that don't responed to their idiotic questions, which I might add can be easily answered by looking up on the high scores page, they are bots. And I understand that macroing is all ways going to be a problem, but all this effort into a single difficulty? There are hundreds and hundreds of other problems out there that need to be solved as well. Much like for examplem scams, offensive players and so much. Jagex has created an unnessicary fear.

To be honest, this is very much like the entire terrorism fear generated by buy RS gold authorities and the press. Sure it's out there, but it does not happen everyday. There bigger and worse problems out there. However, according to Neo-Con concept from Carl Schmitt, you have to get an enemy picture in order to have a society. Therefore, is Jagex attempting to turn us fair participant aginst each other to help better the community or are they trying to assist us by making us think that people with their public chat away are enemies of their game? I'm against it, but enough is enough.