Hotshot Keto

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“Patients with kidney disease have an increased risk of requiring dialysis on the keto diet due to the additional ketones that their renal system has to process,” says Dr. Maganti. Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body burns fat instead of carbs for fuel. In many individuals being in ketosis leads to rapid and substantial weight-loss. Take me for example, I’ve been measuring blood glucose and ketones for years. I know my body, and how it reacts to different foods and fasting schedules.

Another way to get into ketosis is to go without eating for several hours. In fact, many people go into mild ketosis between dinner and breakfast. Children with epilepsy sometimes fast for 24–48 hours before they start a ketogenic diet. This is done to get into ketosis quickly so that seizures can be reduced sooner.

The lab’s big thing, he said, is “the extension and leveraging” of human capacities and resilience. Recently featured in Scientific American for programming a semiautonomous robot that can traverse the rubble of a simulated nuclear disaster, IHMC is also studying the ketogenic diet. Leaders in the field of ketosis—like Volek and University of South Florida associate professor Dom D’Agostino—are linked in with IHMC’s inner circle. The idea behind the ketogenic diet is to radically crank up fat burning.