How to Alaska Airlines Mileage Upgrade to First Class?

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Upgrade to First Class

If there's a supply that is available at the cabin in First Class you Alaska Mileage Plan members can make use of miles to upgrade their flights tickets. This is the most efficient way for you to use Alaska upgrade to First Class.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade to First Class with Miles

Alaska Air does not publish any mileage charts on its flight. Instead, passengers are able to use Alaska Air's Miles Calculator on the Alaska Air online platform to calculate the cost of First Class upgrades.

Making First Class upgrades more comfortable The airlines don't add fuel surcharges to their flights anymore.

To or from United States, Alaska Air divides its travel routes between East Coast zone and West Coast zone. Based on the distance between points A and B, the miles redeemable of those on the West Coast is significantly higher than those from the East Coast. regardless of the distance and the time it takes to travel 15000 miles to apply for an Alaska upgrade into First Class.

Cash + Miles

Alaska Air launched a Cash + Miles program where passengers are able to use as little as 1000 miles. Every 5k miles is 50 USD off in order to move up to First Class.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade to First Class at Check-in

You can redeem Alaska Reward Miles at the moment of check-in. The cost starts at 20000 miles, and it varies depending on the distance of flight and the type of ticket.

Economy Saver fares are changed into First Class up to 6 hours before the departure time.

The upgrade from premium to first class can be requested at moment at the time of Alaska Airlines check-in.