The Path of Exile was almost based on the invasion and gained a cyberpunk league

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After the emergence of the POE Heist Alliance, did you know that the Path of Exile team came up with some ways to bring back the Invasion Alliance in a digital punk way?

If you miss it, the raid team will head to the temple and kill certain architects to influence the past. The way the temple is built will depend on who you kill. Therefore, if you kill someone who intends to build a gun room, you can return to the place where you are looking for the garden in the gun room. No matter what changes you bring, it will affect the POE Currency you receive.

Wilson said: "Therefore, our idea is to make her time portal appear in the same role, but this time you enter a distant future, that is an electronic punk company in the future city." "You want to enter this high Tech companies, where there are guards equipped with laser guns, you have to change what happened there.

"This is the same mechanism, but in a cyberpunk, futuristic environment. It was originally a lovely thing, because once they have good technology, they can understand the future of this fantasy world. The idea is, This is a Val Corporation with a CEO and others."

Due to the following reasons, this idea could not be realized. Wilson told us that the invasion of the league was only "moderate popularity" and it seemed unwise to establish a cyberpunk league before the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. In addition, he is particularly opposed to specific POE teams.

Wilson recalled: "Our art team said,'We haven't established a science fiction alliance yet, it's crazy.' "So it never happens. Invasion 2077 is a joke name we use internally. But it may not be. It is very close to the release of the game, and it seems silly to match electronic punk. "

"Mechanically speaking, it is the same as the Invasion Alliance. When we Buy POE Currency, the Invasion Alliance was only moderately popular. This also undermined the seriousness of the game and made it suddenly jump into the distant future. It eliminates concerns about this Many mysteries of what will happen in the future of the continent."

Although you don't have a cyberpunk league to look forward to, we do have 11 leagues based on Ocean-that's it. We got the beta update of Path of Exile 2 from Wilson, as well as the overall status update of the game.