Want to Add an Adventure to Your Hawaii Trip?

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When you're planning a family trip to Hawaii, it's a trick to find things everyone in the family will love, especially if you have older and kids and teens who are skeptics. If you're staying in Oahu, consider leaving the Honolulu area to go on one of the boat tours North Shore visitors rave about. They're ocean adventures where you either ride big waves or see marine life – or both. The new tour boats move fast because they're advanced water craft that are rigid and inflatable. They ride more firmly and smoothly than earlier boats with a less sophisticated design. You'll notice the difference as soon as you're aboard.

If you've never gone on an extensive wave boat tour, they can be exciting. Oahu's Seven Mile Miracle is a series of world-renowned beaches for the world's best surf breaks. When you smoothly boat across those waves and swells, you'll quickly see why Hawaii is a global surf capital. Local captains who know the area well can soon take you to all the best spots. Even if you're not easily excited by sightseeing, this is a tour that will hold your attention. You can also look back at the shoreline from the water and enjoy an outstanding view. Many landmarks are visible from the water to add to your experience on the North Shore. Whale watching is also a popular North Shore boat tour activity, and when the humpbacks are migrating, the sights can be unique. Their season is the winter months from December through April, while the young are born and raised. Sharks are also in the area, and your ocean adventure tour can take you to the cage diving location. Sharks can be curious by nature and will approach the tour boat when you're in the area. You'll feel safe and secure in your seat and stay dry for the duration of the trip. If you're touring privately, you can plan the itinerary and see the sights you're most interested in visiting.

There are also land-based tourist attractions in Oahu that are some of the best known in the world. Military history buffs want to pay a solemn visit to Pearl Harbor, and everyone can enjoy the views from Diamond Head. Native Hawaiian culture is also worthy of attention, and you might want to attend a luau while you're in the Honolulu area. For people-watching and sun, don't forget Waikiki Beach and other hidden gems all along the shoreline. The weather is perfect for being outside year-round. If you're renting a car, ask around for information about traffic and the best times to miss most of it.