What are Proposition Bets in Football Betting?

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Bettors now have an easier way of adding additional action to a match through proposition betting. It’s a better way of betting as it brings more exciting offers than the other ways of betting.

Football betting is supposed to be fun; as a matter of fact, this is supposed to be the case in all sports. Whether you want to make money or guess which player will win what, you will want to have experienced a wonderful time at the end of it. To spice up your betting experience, you can try something different other than the usual gambling. You can consider proposition bets, commonly called prop bets. 

Prop bets are among the most popular betting types worldwide. Most individuals who don’t gamble usually place prop bets. It has been around for years, and people have been making fortunes through it. So, what is proposition betting? How does it work? And how do you approach it for a fun experience?

What is a prop bet? 

A prop bet is a betting market that aims at the various parts of a game, such as different players or team performances. It gives you a chance of wagering beyond the standard full-game odds and bet on different aspects of a game or event. Therefore, prop bets are a part of wager bets, but it does not qualify as the rest of the straight bets. Additionally, you can find prop betting on most online betting websites in India. 

The definition of prop bets is broad. And because of this, most informal wagers find themselves in this category. Luckily, prop bets can be considered to be the easiest method of wager for anyone to comprehend. You don’t need to know what money line is; all can place bets on events as follows;

Game-based events

  • The first team to reach some points, goals, or runs
  • If the overall number of points will be odd or even
  • If the match will have overtime. 

Player based events

  • The player who will score the first basket, run, or goal
  • The player who will achieve a specific goal or statistic
  • The player to score the most goals, points, or runs at the end of the game
  • If a player will score more or less than a specific number of points 

Team props

  • Under or over individuals points in each team
  • Over or under for points in every team they might score at the end of the 1st quarter 

Football proposition bets are endless. You can find some proposition combining these events into a single one. This is usually the case if one event will affect the other one. 

Since prop bets allow you to place wagers within the game rather than the whole game, it’s very enticing. Because of this, you have a chance of high potential payouts in the props than in the regular betting if you bet on football

Prop betting examples in Major sports

There are a lot of certain bets you can place where some are common and others less common ones which are sometimes seen to be weird. Prop bets can be broken down into three categories. Here are examples showing how different variations of prop bets offer.

NFL Prop Bets

If you consider yourself a football expert, you can benefit from the NFL prop bets. They offer exciting payouts, which include;

  • How many penalties will a certain team acquire? 
  • Will your team reach more than 100 total rushing yards? 
  • How many touchdowns will a certain player throw?

But before you go on betting in NFL, you need to ensure it’s legal in your country.

NBA prop betting

At times, a prop bet can happen some few days later. They are referred to as future bets. Here are some examples;

You can pick if a certain team will win the title even before the season begins. For instance;

  • Who will win the NBA Championship?
  • YES pays 1.716

Just as NFL, ensure it’s legal in your state. 

Yes/No football prop bets examples.

These bets are the most favorite as one has a 50/50 chance of winning. Here are some of the examples;

  • Will there be a penalty during the first drive?
  • Will there be overtime? 
  • Will the home team score get more rushing touchdowns?

Benefits of prop bets

The question of whether you need to place prop bets depends entirely on you. But to convince you, here are some of the advantages;

Betting flexibility

It would be rather boring if sports betting was limited to who will lose or win the match. Luckily for you, prop bets allow you to bet in almost every detail of the match. 


The main benefit of prop bets is profitability. Since the bets are fantastic, there are more ways of you making some fortune. 

Entertaining Intro to sports betting

As mentioned, prop betting can be quite exciting. Waiting for the coin flip at the start of the match can be thrilling, especially if you are around your friends. Prop betting is also a new way of acquiring new acquaintances. 

Since prop betting is suitable for all betters regardless of their experience, it does not matter whether you get cash or not. At the end of it all, you will have gone through an exciting journey. Fortunately for you, you are now aware of what to expect in prop bets.