Crazy Lens Photographers – How to Integrate Face Masks with Wedding Attire

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“ Photography takes a moment out of time, modifying life by holding it still”. … Dorothea Lange

When it comes to wedding photography, you simply cannot take chances since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people. And even if it isn’t, there are a few moments that don’t occur twice, no matter what.

Crazy Lens, a group of professional Bengali photographers in Kolkata assists you by capturing such special moments, which can then be kept close. Bengali weddings have many events spread over the range of 3-4 days when compared to others.

As one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Kolkata, we cover everything from wedding photography, to the customs of the nuptial bed. So, this special occasion would be treated most exquisitely, and the happy moments can be preserved. 

Here’s How Face Masks Shouldn’t have to be a Menace for Your Wedding Anymore

Face masks even with all their safety against Covid-19 have a bad reputation of ruining makeup, and the overall wedding outfit, both for you and your guests. But since the disease would be staying and disturbing us for a while now, here is how you can make friends with them.

Special Masks for the Bride and Groom 

To make sure guests don’t stare at you awkwardly, there are numerous mask designs available both online and offline that are meant especially for brides and grooms. 

When you choose one that matches your dress and the overall background, the pictures that come out as a result of your marriage photography in Barasatare going to look excellent.

Matching Masks 

Do you know what would be better than special masks? Special masks that match those of your partner as well. A wedding is all about establishing a relationship, so when both the bride and groom wear similar designer masks, it resembles their bond.

At the same time, it separates them from a room full of faces covered with masks.

Masks with Printed Initials

Another form of simple and inexpensive customizations to face masks is printing initials on them. That may be those of the bride, groom, or even both combined. Things such as this turn face masks into an accessory, just like watches or jewellery that you can carry.

Masks for Guests

Being photographers in Kolkata for weddingswe have seen most parties providing masks to the guests. However, rather than those dull surgical ones, you can take it a notch above and provide designer masks to your guests, for example, those printed with your initials.

This not just keeps you in line with Covid norms, but also provides your guests something to remember your wedding. And is cost-effective too.

At Crazy Lens, we know that every picture ever taken has a story to tell, no matter how important or insignificant it may be. Your wedding is a story in itself, and let us be the ones that capture and compile all the lovely moments in it. 

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