Purchase criteria: how to buy women's wigs?

Our work of art is 100% purely handmade braided by many of us. We hand craft different braided hairstyles you see on the human head, right on a full lace braided wig.


Are you planning to buy African American braided wigs? Then, you should know about buying criteria.
Let us point out some factors that must be taken into account when choosing:
Thread type:
Choosing the thread of Hat braid wig should be one of your priorities. If you are looking for a wig to wear every day, we recommend the natural one as it is super realistic, less embarrassing, and allows you to use a flat iron, hairdryer, etc.
However, if you are looking for a model for occasional use, the cheaper synthetic Wigs for black women should suffice. However, choose a quality, delicate and well-structured model. The natural threads guarantee a more realistic appearance.
Type of application:
There are three types of wigs: full lace, front lace, and no lace.
- In full lace, the threads are sewn throughout the cap, ensuring a much more natural-looking scalp. It also allows natural hair to breathe well, so it gains comfort. However, it is the most expensive.
- The lace front is characterized by mesh only in the front and not the entire length of the cap. Although it is also a good option, it results in a less natural effect than full lace.
- Finally, the non-lace is made of nylon mesh and is the cheapest. It is less finished and does not fit perfectly on the head, resulting in a less realistic effect.
Your SHORT BRAIDED WIGS design should follow your style and make you feel good. It can be long, short, with bangs, with lights, in a classic tone, or a bright tone.
The important thing is that it matches your face and you like it, regardless of the cut or color.
The female BRAIDS WIG chosen should be comfortable. Nothing is more unpleasant than an uncomfortable model that doesn't let your natural hair breathe or that scratches the sides of your head.
How to clean your female wig?
- First of all, it is important that it is off your head and can be washed in the sink or shower.
- On the cap, massage in circular motions and be gentle so as not to loosen any seams.
- Now, rinse the wig, removing all the suds.
- If your wig is made of synthetic strands, the conditioner can be applied to the end, avoiding the root. But, if it's made from natural strands, apply conditioner to the ends only, and if it's dry, opt for a moisturizing mask.
- Then rinse well and gently untangle.
- Finally, drying. In the case of synthetic wigs, more care must be taken. 
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