Are HP LaserJet printers better than inkjet Printers?

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HP Printers are one of the best printers among the many brands moving around this globe. HP Printers are popular and most selling because of its user-friendly and easy handling.

Inkjet printing creates a digital image by dropping spots of ink onto paper; laser printers produce digital images by scanning a laser beam across photoreceptors. So which is better? It depends. We’ve weighed out some pros and cons of inkjet vs. laser printers below to help you figure out which is best built for use in your home.

Inkjet printers

Great for photos and image-heavy documents, as the inkjet printers do a better job of blending smooth colors than laser printers.

Inkjet printers have a low start-up cost. Printers are less expensive than laser printers.

Inkjets can print onto any types of paper.

Almost no warm-up time is needed in printing.

If you want to print photos, go for inkjet.

Inkjet cartridges can be refilled and reused, to save money.

Inkjet printers are usually smaller, lighter, and easy to maintain as compare to the laser printers.

Inkjet ink is water-based, so prints are vulnerable to water damage and fading.

Inkjet printers are getting faster in time, but still very slower than the laser printing. 

Laser Printer

Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers, It won’t matter much if you need to print a few pages or a high volume users will notice a huge difference in speed.

Laser printers produce perfect sharp black text. It also handles small fonts and fine lines far better than an inkjet printer.

Price-by-price comparisons favor laser printers over inkjet printers for documents that aren’t graphically complex. 

Although laser printers work faster, they need to take some time to warm-up.

Although toner in the laser printer is cheaper in the long run, but the starting cost for laser printing is far more expensive.

Toner leaks in a printer is a nightmare for the operator.

Laser printers can’t handle a variety of paper like inkjets printers. Anything which is heat-sensitive cannot be run through the printer.

Home laser printers can handle simple graphics, but smooth photographs are a challenge for them too. 

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