Get to Learn the Basics of “The Collaborative Office” app

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The latest version of the Office applications will surely bring the collaboration of all the premium apps offered by Microsoft.

The developers of Microsoft Office applications have recently launched an app which is a merge of MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The team of developers has freshly held their event in Florida, where they have announced certain innovations related to this merged product. In addition, the brand has decided to make a collaboration of all three apps that are widely accessed by users across the globe.

These apps are Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Not only this, there will be an integration of other useful Microsoft apps in it so that the users just download a single app and easily access the others. If you have some specific query related to office applications and its mechanisms then visit its official website that can be reached via

The Microsoft Office: an Umbrella of curated applications

The latest version of the Office applications will surely bring the collaboration of all the premium apps offered by Microsoft. The main apps are Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint that comes into a single umbrella app that is made for both Android and iOS users. This app will allow the users to make excel datasheets, creative and informative PPTs, and write-ups within a single app and not going for the three different apps individually.

Apart from this, this new individual app will enable the users to conduct different other tasks such as modifying images to text, sharing media between the other operating systems and making PDF files.

The availability of the Microsoft Office

The latest “All-in-one” Microsoft Office app is available for the public reviews when they will use it for Android and on iPhones as a beta app. There is much more to reveal in the Office application as it uses the most advanced technologies. The app is designed in keeping mind the general and specific needs to accomplish tasks that are assigned and are time-bounded. Most probably, the app will be available on Google Play Store for Androids and on Apple stores. However, there is no confirmation or news on when it will get out of beta for iOS users on their respective apps.

What is more about the Office collaborative application?

In addition to this umbrella Microsoft Office app, the brand has announced a stock of the latest features along with its products and services. This app will include the new web platform Microsoft Chromium Edge and Bing as its web browsers. Along with this, it also has improved its Outlook application with the AI integrated features and Cortana support.

Moreover, with the latest features, you will also get the new Voice to enhance feature in the “Stream” app, an improvised version of Microsoft 265, the most trendy and new project Cortex and a new robotic process automated capability that is known as UI Flows. Furthermore, the company has also announced that there will be the presence of Azure Quantum for those who want to do Quantum computing along with Synapse Analytics and much more.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Hopefully, the article has summarized all the latest information that is relevant to the topic discussed. However, you can always visit the official website of Microsoft Office to get the details about the latest advancements and updates on the software. To reach the official website, you can click on the URL