New World’s server transfer chaos splits company

Recently, New World distributed new tokens for free server transfers.


Recently, New World distributed new tokens for free server transfers. But that’s exactly what’s causing the confusion. While some players are buying New World Coins for a better experience, it doesn’t seem like that right now. This failed for some companies that wanted to switch to another server altogether. Now they are split into two servers. Amazon is offering a second free character transfer to all players of New World. This allows them to change servers independently, because they want to play with another company, or their server becomes spacey in the meantime.

On some servers, the entire company switched together and gain a foothold on the new server. But this goes wrong for two reasons. Not all players get items for server changes at the same time. It will distribute tokens between February 17th and 22nd. Some servers are quickly marked as “full”, which is why switching to Buy New World Coins is no longer possible.

Where is the biggest problem? In reddit, user Qwali reported he wanted to switch to Midgard servers along with his entire company. Even before the transfer, it was very active, although not overcrowded. But a lot of players wanted to go to Midgard, so only some players moved, while others had to stay on the old server.

Who is to blame? There are different opinions. Some players said they could have given all players a server change token at the same time. They can also fully tag one server before tagging another. That way, a company or an entire community switches over together before it’s the turn of another server. However, some users also said the company itself was to blame. Regardless, players are pissed at the moment, and Amazon has to figure something out. All players can return transfers or other free transfer tokens for free. By the way, players can get more news and buy Cheap New World Coins at It’s seasoned and risk-free!