New World will reduce friction for players

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Early in development, New World was a multiplayer game with a greater focus on crafting and survival.

Early in development, New World was a multiplayer game with a greater focus on crafting and survival. Many players will also Buy New World Coins to make the game smoother. But eventually, the game developed into the MMORPG it is today. In a new developer update, Amazon says it’s time for New World to lose some of the preserve-survival gameplay systems that create friction and prevent players from fully enjoying what the game offers.

New World creative director David Verfaillie said they felt there were a lot of things that were preventing people from playing the games they wanted to play. Fast travel, mutation orbs, storage, a lot of different things make it hard for people to experience the game they want. This is something they are definitely looking at. The game has disappeared in its long history, and some of it comes from past iterations of the game when it was more of a survival/crafting game, and he thinks they’ve stuck with that. He thinks it’s time to get rid of it and get players ready with enough Cheap New World Coins to experience the game.

Game director Scott Lane said the idea of reducing player friction will lead to various changes in the game’s quality of life over the next two to three months. Some of these changes can already be seen in the game’s latest update, which reduces factors like fast travel costs. Small improvements will be faster, while bigger changes like trading posts and territory mechanics will take longer to implement.

Lane said they weren’t reacting to everything as quickly as players wanted, but they were reacting as safely as possible. He mentioned some previous updates to the game that brought major bugs and technical issues. The game’s February update was dedicated to balance changes and bug fixes, with over 700 fixes in total. For those players who are still struggling in New World, they also need to buy New World Coins at to improve their gaming experience.