Introduction of sex dolls

——From the enduring commentary of Toutiao.


"Sex dolls are the last dignity of a man who cannot afford a wife"

I thought about it carefully, and it does.

Long legs, slender waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, melon face... Can be pure and moving, but also sexy and glamorous, sex dolls are the dreamy companions for boys to unleash their power.

In the past, there was only one shortcoming of sex dolls, which was easy to leak.
However, I think most people have a deep misconception about sex dolls.

"Sex, perverts, SM......"

161cm fairy sex doll sakura photos

"As soon as I see short sleeves, I think of white arms and immediately think of full nudity"

——Lu Xun does not deceive me, but silicone sex dolls have been born for decades, do they really "live" for the desire of "sex"?

No, sex dolls are not.

Prequel: Made in Germany, Hitler was the father-in-law of silicone sex doll lovers

During World War II, a large number of German soldiers were displaced from their homes. Compared with the hardships and torture of the war, Hitler realized that another problem was more difficult: long-term abstinence.

wm tpe sex doll

The Germans don't want to adopt the inhumane comfort women policy, and they don't want to "just bend over together" like the British soldiers.

In the late Virgo period, Hitler and the SS commander Himmler combined, it would be better if we made our own girls, which is why there are mini sex dolls!