Assisted Living Planning The Move With Your Parents Who Are Aging

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If you follow these rules and guidelines, you can create an easy transition for your loved one from independent living and assisted living.

The conversation with an elderly parent or loved ones about the potential need for assisted living may be a challenge. This article provides seven suggestions to discuss and plan to meet the needs of your loved one and in a manner that respects their opinion and respects their opinions. If you follow these rules and guidelines, you can create an easy transition for your loved one from independent living and assisted living. Click Here

  1. Start this discussion well in advance of when the requirement for assisted living occurs.Create a plan that includes actions to be taken when certain situations occur for instance, when they are unable to bathe or dress without assistance or forget to take their medication or when they begin to fall and have difficulty balancing, or are falling. Write down the events and reactions and reach an understanding with the parents that if these situations happen, your plan should be implemented.
  2. When planning your plans make sure to include the possibility of visits to senior living facilities.Some homes offer children to be cared for during the day, so your parents can be in the home, taking part in activities and getting to know the residents and caregivers. Engage your parents, and let them be part of the decision-making process in the best way feasible. They will feel more confident and, when it is time to make a move, they will be less hesitant since they are involved in the process of making decisions.
  3. Participate with siblings in the planning discussions and then come to an agreement to ensure that there isn't conflicts in the messages.When it's time to make a decision, differences between siblings could transmit a conflicting message to the parent, resulting in an uneasy transition.
  4. Think about your parents' perspective.Seniors don't always see the move as being the best option for them. They would like to believe that they're still in control and in charge in their life. When they leave their home, they could make them feel like their world is shrinking, they feel like they're on the verge of death and are at the mercy of strangers.
  5. Communicate, talk and talk.Engage with your parents as they age and offer alternatives rather than suggestions. Be attentive to their thoughts and concerns but don't force your own values on them. Be sure to express your concern and take the time to listen. Do not fill in any gaps by offering solutions. This is a very charged subject that can be deeply heartbreaking. Give them the time to reply.
  6. Respect your parents, and be patient with them. This isn't an easy choice that is taken lightly.They've lived for many years, been through a lot and likely endured many sacrifices while for you, and have given you the life you live. While we think of the aging process as an exciting moment, it can also be one of loss. As we age, we become less healthy and energetic mobility and control, family members and independence, just to mention several things.
  7. Make sure your parents are reassured.Make them aware that you'll always be integral part of their life and that you will be there to look out for them just as they have watched over you. Let them slowly transition from independence to dependence on your. Let them know they are able to trust your judgment by listening to and appreciating their views, while paying respect to what they've done to you. When they are at this phase of their journey be aware of their demands and worries and assure them that you'll be there to help you.

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