RuneScape - I've just started playing with new accounts

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If the worst happens, considering the account is freshly created after the tutorial, could I wait for it to RuneScape gold be removed because of inactivity? If so that's the case, how long will I have to wait until I could re-register using the desired name in the game? If not, can I just try contacting Jagex directly through their contactus@jagex (that's probably not the same email, but it's similar and I can take it off their website..)

I still remember the password for the account. Even if it's been forgotten, I've only forgotten a very small portion - If needed, I can just re-appeal multiple times until I remember the password right , if not. This is a little silly But whatever.

I've just started playing with new accounts, and even though I'm enjoying my new username, I'd prefer the other. I'm thinking that my higher level accounts were compromised since the email my recent high level account was playing on was not active. I believe that at 50+, your account was not being deleted because of inactivity or is it? Perhaps it was hacked or I have no clue why it happened, but I have no character name. If I did not change the email of the account, in which case I'm not certain how I'll get that account back.

Try a few farming runs. Even if you only do one per day, and only one place, you'll make cash consistently (that's what I do, and I've got an 8 million account). You could possibly train for strength with lesser demons. they now drop ashes that are worth ~600 gp each, along with some elchable items. Guthan's will be very helpful, but you couldn't afford it for a while. Get rid of them at the Karamja location just next to the lave thingies.

Every now and then you should try to locate an unlucky tree that you can kill. They have a nice reward worth a bit after which you will find a yew tree to get rid of while having the auto-banking feature on. Auto-banking is available for a predetermined number of time, depending on how much you assisted to OSRS Membership For Sale destroy the tree.