How do I upgrade cards?

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This can include missions that include dungeons vendors and so on. As you play this game, you'll automatically gain a bunch of Lost Ark Gold cards without ever trying to.

If you're looking to collect as many cards as possible, make sure to first go through daily and weekly assignments. Then, you can take on all the dungeons, dungeons, and raids that you are able to get to collect a significant amount of cards.

Raids are a great spot to start when trying to collect cards. The reason is Guardian bosses who participate in raids have the possibility of dropping an untitled Legendary Card.

Legendary Cards are one of the rarest cards in the game , and give the most lucrative bonuses. Therefore, make sure you take part in all raids that you're able.

How do I upgrade cards?

Another important thing to note concerning the Card system used in Lost Ark is that each card comes with an "Awakening Level" to it, which is indicated through the amount of gemstones that are visible at the bottom on the back of Lost Ark Power leveling each card.