Medical Adhesives Market, Share, Industry Trends, Growth, Size, Overviews, Global Forecast 2022-2027

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Global Medical Adhesives Market is driven by the several benefits offered by Growth in Demand of Biological Appliances and Rising Lifestyle Diseases

According to Renub Research report titled “Medical Adhesives Market, Share, Global Forecast 2022-2027, Industry Trends, Growth, Size, Impact of COVID-19, Company Analysis” the Medical Adhesives Market to reach USD 15.30 Billion by 2027. In the assembly of medical devices, medical adhesives comprise an integral part of healthcare delivery and are used by almost every medical specialty in all care settings. Medical adhesives are biocompatible, and their features of not irritating, sensitizing, or cytotoxic have expanded their use in medical equipment. Medical adhesives are majorly utilized in the medical industry to close up a patch or dress the skin wounds, fix medical devices such as tape, etc. It is utilized for bone and enamel reconstruction during surgeries. Various products are involved in medical adhesives, such as dressing, electrodes, patches tapes, and ostomy supplies.


Worldwide Medical Adhesives Market Size was US$ 9.70 Billion in 2021

Nonetheless, the population in developed countries such as the U.S., Germany, and Japan is aging rapidly. As per the United States Census Board, people above 65 years would account for 20% of the total population by 2030. According to the (UNU) United Nations University, one million people reach 60 years of age every month globally. The increasing geriatric population is the factor that increases medical adhesives demand, which in turn anticipated driving the development of the global market in the next few years. Further, the demand for silicone-based medical adhesives is caused by their ability to adhesion silicon and other difficult-to adhere substrates. In addition, silicone is characterized by extreme weather resistance and has more extended durability than acrylics.


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Dental application is the Fastest-growing Segment of Medical Adhesives Industry

In terms of application, the global medical adhesives market is categorized into medical device equipment, internal, external, dental, and others. Dental adhesives deliver retention to composite fillings or composite cement. These adhesives find use in pit fissure sealants and dental repair applications. Products in dental applications include Pit and Fissure Sealants, Restorative Adhesives, Denture Bonding, Orthodontic Bonding, Luting Cements, Dental Surgical Tissue Bonding, and Tray Adhesives.


Apart from this, medical devices equipment are utilized for hearing-aid molding, polycarbonate component assembly (e.g., heat exchangers, blood oxygenators, and surgical pumps) anesthesia-mask bonding, needle assembly, bonding of other medical devices. The product's substrate versatility, thermal solid chemical resistance, low shrinkage, high gap filling, high peel, and rapid cure are the significant factors driving their growth in medical devices equipment.


North America to Lead Global Medical Adhesives Industry

In North America, increased patient awareness levels regarding wound infections and diseases and the rapidly growing senior population in this region, especially in the U.S, are the significant factors contributing to market growth. The evolution of the market player’s focus towards developed wound dressings analogized to the traditional staple and suture methods is the major trend witnessed in this region.


Notwithstanding, the Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing medical adhesive market. The Asia-Pacific medical adhesive market is predicted to expand due to the growing population, driving up the need for better medical facilities and preferring adhesive medical demand. The consistent increase in government spending on the healthcare sector and the updating of healthcare infrastructure are market expansions in this area.


COVID-19 Impact on Medical Adhesive

The pandemic had ramifications for ways of working of various surgical procedures. There are stringent guidelines specific to each specialty that must be implemented and followed for surgeons to continue providing adequate care and safety to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volume of surgeries has significantly declined during the pandemic, owing to the stringent guidelines by the regulatory authorities to avoid all non-emergent surgeries, impacting the procurement of the medical adhesives market.


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Key Market Players

Numerous big and small players characterize the global medical adhesives market. The major market players include Avery Dennison Corporation, Ashland Global Holdings Inc., H.B. Fuller Company, Henkel AG Co. KGaA, The Dow Chemical Company, 3M Co, PPG Industries, RPM International Inc., Dupoint De Nemours, Inc and Wacker Chemie AG.


Market Summary:

Product - We have covered Market breakup by 2 viewpoints by product (Synthetic Semi-Synthetic Adhesives (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Silicone, and Others) and Natural or Biological Adhesive (Fibrin, Collagen, Albumin, and Others)

Application - Our Report covers by Application in the 5 viewpoints (Dental (Pit and Fissure Sealants, Restorative Adhesives, Denture Bonding, Orthodontic Bonding, Luting Cements, Dental Surgical Tissue Bonding, and Tray Adhesives), Internal (Bone, Cranial, Pulmonary and Abdominal), External (Tissue Bonding Agents and Prosthesis Bonding Agents), Medical Device Equipment and Others)

Technology – Global Medical Adhesives Market have been covered by technology from 5 viewpoints (Water based, Solvent based, Hot melt, Reactive Others)

Region - This Report covers Global Medical Adhesives Market breakup by 4 Region (North America, Europe, Asia - Pacific, Central South America, and Middle East)

All the key players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints (Recent Development, Overview, and Revenue Analysis) H.B. Fuller Company, Henkel AG Co. KGaA, Avery Dennison Corporation, Ashland Global Holdings Inc., The Dow Chemical Company, 3M Co, PPG Industries, RPM International Inc., Wacker Chemie AG, and Dupoint De Nemours, Inc.


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