Roles and responsibilities of high management for ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia.

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Did you recognize that, in most cases, failure to implement ISO 14001 was directly associated with the fact that high management failed to need to assume their responsibilities, you most likely knew that? But, what square measure these responsibilities, and the way does one get the management to begin doing what they should?

Why is it that executives don’t care?

As I argued in my article Management’s read of effective environmental management system (EMS), ISO 14001 Certification in Saudi Arabia the first concern of the highest management is to make sure the semi-permanent success of their company, increase gain, management new initiatives, decrease the risks, etc. Therefore, to urge executives’ attention, you've got to target business advantages – once they understand however info security or business continuity will contribute to, e.g., a lot of revenues or bated prices, to higher potency or bated penalties, then you'll get their attention. Learn here the way to come through that: Four key advantages of ISO 14001 implementation in Saudi Arabia and ISO 14001 Services in Saudi Arabia benefits: the way to get your management’s approval for a business continuity project.

ISO 14001 in Dubai Once they settle for the idea of business advantages, you've got to align your effective environmental management system (EMS) / Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) together with your company’s strategic objectives – that's, you've got to seek out however your info security or business continuity will support your business strategy. as an example, if you were a hosting company, ISO 14001 Services in Dubai one in every of your strategic objectives may well be higher handiness of your servers than what the competitors supply – ISMS associate degreed/or BCMS square measure relevant for such an objective as a result of they're going to directly decrease the amount of incidents and so increase the amount of handiness.

So, what do executives have to be compelled to do?

ISO 14001 consultant in Dubai Once your high management understands why ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia square measure necessary, and that they determine however these standards will directly support the corporate strategy, you'll be able to raise them to try to to one thing concrete concerning it.


According to ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia, the responsibilities of the highest management square measure as follows: ISO 14001 consultant in Saudi Arabia Publish {the high the highest}-level policy – the top management has to publish {the info the knowledge the data} security policy / Business continuity policy; within which they're going to outline the most intention concerning information security / business continuity. confer info security policy – however elaborate ought to it be? and therefore the purpose of Business continuity policy consistent with ISO 14001 Consultancy in Dubai. Determine the objectives – through the objectives, the highest management defines within which direction ISMS/BCMS have to be compelled to be steered, additionally the} objectives also give a transparent live of whether or not the ISMS/BCMS is thriving. determine a lot of here: ISO 14001 management objectives – Why square measure they important? and Setting the business continuity objectives in ISO 14001 in Dubai 

  1. Determine the most responsibilities –high management has to outline WHO is responsible of assorted components associated with the implementation and operation of the ISMS and BCMS – in most cases, they're going to appoint the Chief Info Security Officer or Business continuity arranger, however the highest management additionally has to assign alternative responsibilities as well; the highest management has to support all those managers, and ultimately make certain they need done their jobs. confer Chief Info Security Officer (CISO) – wherever will he belong in associate degree org chart?
  2. Communicate the importance –since executives square measure those WHO have the foremost influence in a company, if they are doing not update all staff why ISMS/BCMS is vital, then nobody can believe they have to try to one thing concerning it, particularly if high managers don't “walk the speak,” i.e. go with the protection or business continuity rules themselves.
  3. Provide all the mandatory resources –while not cash and while not enough time of staff, the ISO 14001 Services in Saudi Arabia project can fail – this can be wherever the support from the highest management should become real and tangible. From my expertise, this can be precisely the purpose wherever the management typically fails – they sometimes send the resources into alternative comes.
  4. Perform management review –this can be wherever the highest management has to review everything that is going on inside their ISMS/BCMS, with one in every of the first tasks being to conclude whether or not the objectives are achieved.


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