How Authors Can Gain Social Media Followers

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In the realm of marketing for authors, social media continues to receive much attention. While most veteran book promoters feel it alone won't propel a new title to success, it's a valuable addition to a broader promotional campaign. Some authors are natural extroverts who excel at public conversations and find success naturally. For others, it's less automatic and takes some doing. Coming up with exciting posts and replying strategically are two deciding factors between tremendous and mediocre results. If you've written a book or will publish one soon, keep these suggestions in mind for social media posting.

Publicists recommend that facts or information gained from your book research might be helpful. It makes good posts because they stay on the topic of your book, and information fans can associate with you. If a subject related to your book starts to trend in the news, post about it to help people notice the connection. The same goes for any news stores or TV shows/interviews about the subject of your writing. Passing these to existing and potential readers can spark greater interest in your topic. Keep in mind the tipping point in marketing that says it takes multiple things to trigger a purchase.

If you're a novelist or short-story writer, you can create interest in your characters and plots by posting clues about the setting, time period, clothes worn, etc. Put your writer's brain to use and develop attention-catching posts that will engage fans in your work more deeply. Most social media pros also agree it's nice to share your favorite books by other writers with your fans. The goal is to reveal a bit about yourself to build rapport and help people connect more to you and your work. If you know other writers in your genre, perhaps a mention of their work will prompt them to mention your book in a post. 

There's always a place for spontaneous and intuitive posts that are well-timed, but developing a calendar to even out your social media activity is wise. You want to stay on people's minds and keep your accounts active without over-posting. It's also crucial to make the needed posts before and during your book's launch. A good plan will help with all of the above and professionalize your social media. You want it to reflect you and be authentic and well planned. The most successful authors are the ones who approach their work and marketing seriously. Consistency is vital to your success.