I am brand new to the forum but not new to the game

I am brand new to the forum but not new to the game


ISo I have opted to go GWD, over Runecrafting to get a Zammy or Bandos Godsword, because many of you advised me that proceed GWD, so that is exactly what I will do. To begin with I desire a staff, if anyof you have one inform me, anyways here are my stats or that I shall have when prepared, Atk- 80(will be getting), Str-80, Def-78, Range- 63, Mage-82, Prayer-61. I will most likely be meleeing the BANDOS BOSS but have no clue what to RS gold take, if anybody understands few written guides tell me plz since I've observed different armors in vids, such as verac or torag. I've btw around 7mil with things right now. Also I heard I need to be wearing particular god items, whats this all about? And what are the infrequent drop speeds if any for the bosses? Also a very major problem on weekdays on morning I will get online on RS for ceratin FOR 1 HOUR, and varying likely about 6-8 hours a WEEK BUT likely 1 hour or little more everytime I log into, so WILL this be a issue for me personally?? Because I am uncertain just how long it takes to kill bandos boss everytime?? And that I might need to log out at middle.

Hi, I've some things that need some help with. My big brother Metalkon could not help me tonight since he had been out because we had dinner. Here's the tiny notepad thing I made for the stuff I need alot of help with: 1 ). The Sailor-he's to the northwest, and he desires a ballad composed. 2. The Bard-he needs some new boots to compose the ballad. 3.Yrsa-she owns the clothes shop southwest of the sailor, and she desires taxes decreased in exchange for those boots. 4. Brundt- he needs the tribe to know of Sigli's hunting grounds. 5. Sigli- he is just south of the pub, and he wants a balanced bowstring. Skulgrimen- he's in the construction to the north of the bar, and wants a fish that is rare. 7. Fisherman- he is to the shore, and he needs a secret map of the very best fishing areas. 8. Swensen- that he can be found just south of the market, and he needs a weather forecast. 9. Peer- he's a short distance shore, and he wants a bodyguard. 10. Thorvald- he's in the construction north of the pub, and he wants a place in the Champion's Table. 11. Manni- he wants the Barkeep's epic cocktail. 12. Thora- she needs Askeladden to register a contract to keep from this pub. 13. Askeladden- he will sign a contract for 5,000gp. Help me . Please?

Hey, First of all hi to everyone, I am brand new to the forum but not new to the game. I've been away for some time now demanding. I only started this week on my f2p account. Well. Here's my point: First I want to get my mage lvl up, I'm 55 now. I've some mils in bank so I figured I could do this, several times copying and attempt to get equilibrium between mage lvling and money.

This is exactly what I would like to do: Purchase like 4k coal in 160ea, also mine 2k iron (wich can be created in some time). Then buy 4k nats (dunno what the cost is now). Then smelt them with superheat to 2k steel bars. And here come's my question: First is it worth doing high alch on these to bring back some money or can it be buy rs gold paypal better to sell them and return with exactly the identical procedure again by then? Thank you for the additional assistance.