Portable Air Purifier Market Key Drivers and Restraints, Regional Outlook, End-User Applicants by 2030

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Portable Air Purifier Market Key Drivers and Restraints, Regional Outlook, End-User Applicants by 2030

The report published by Market Research Future (MRFR) has made an attempt to unearth factors that can be of great significance in the coming years to create an amiable ambience for the market expansion. Recently taken satellite images have shown that the green is lacking in many parts of the land area of the world. They have turned quite barren, giving rise to dusts particles in the air. It is not just one instance to be worried about. The lost of cities showing extremely poor breathing condition is also pointing at a major crisis point. These instances have led to a momentous decision of discovering air purifiers. However, not every city has a plan to install it. Hence, the makers have launched a smaller version, portable air purifiers that can be carried along. The product is known for its capacity to remove pollutants from rooms creating a perfect living condition. Riding on such benefits, the air purifier market is expected to scale 7.35% CAGR during the forecast period (2022-2030).


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Dust Allergies – the Primary Market Driver

The rise in dust particles in the air due to urbanization and industrialization is showing some alarming signs. Carbon footprint has increased due to the lack of tree plantation and using of products with heavy ecological impact. Most of them releases allergens and harmful components along with carbon that triggers adverse health conditions like allergies, asthma, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and others. Much of it also comes from vehicles that run on fossil fuel. In Asia Pacific (APAC), Africa, and Latin America, many of the cities have scored really high in the pollution index.

Rise in disposable income has increased the scope for health concerns. People are now taking more measures in order to live a healthy life. This is expected to create opportunities for the portable air purifier market. Its portability is one major reason for its growing popularity.

However, ozone air purifiers release ozone in the air which may adversely affect patients with asthmatic conditions. Its maintenance is also an issue and portable air purifiers are quite expensive which can restrain its easy percolation and arrest the expected portable air purifier market growth.



Based on the type, this Portable Air Purifier Market can be segmented into HEPA, active carbon, electrostatic precipitator, ion and ozone generator, and others. The HEPA segment is growing with an increasing speed and its features include ability to remove dust mite residue, small pet dander particles, and other small pollutants from the air. The ozone generator segment can witness a slight detraction as it is not good for patients with asthma. 

Based on the application, the portable air purifier market can be segmented into residential and commercial. The residential segment is expected to record better growth due to the rising concerns shown by customers regarding their health.


Regional Landscape:

North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Rest-of-the-World (RoW) are the regions in which the global portable air purifier market has been segmented in MRFR report.

North America is leading the global competition. Along with the technological superiority, the region is quite advanced in acknowledging the presence of allergens and other components that trigger adverse health conditions. In the home condition, people are quite worried about pet dander which can trigger health issues.

Southeast Asia market is depending largely on the presence of China who are showing great signs of concern regarding the pollution level. Entire cities are known to get choked by dust particles. In such cases people are looking for respite and are investing in air purifiers. 


Competitive Landscape:

The rising level of concerns and global summits regarding pollution have created enough interests among the makers to come up with products that can provide respite from this daunting issue. These companies have been studied well by MRFR for a better analysis of the upcoming market. They are Whirlpool Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company, Levoit, Panasonic Corporation, Airfree, Guardian Technologies, Real Spirit USA, Inc., Blueair, and Austin Air Systems Limited. Their initiatives to launch better and advanced products are inspiring growth in the market prospect.


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Industry Related News

In 2019, Dyson came up with a revamped model of their last year product and the new one they have named as Dyson Pure Cool Me. The product is compact and portable and much smaller in size in comparison to its earlier products. It uses Dyson Core Flow technology, and the dome on the top can easily be managed to control the angle of the airflow.

The same year is also witnessing De’ Longhi launching their new 3D Comfort Air Purifier, which also integrates the ability to provide heat or cool the room temperature. Conway’s Mighty Air Purifier can adjust itself as per the room and uses HEPA filtration with real-time air monitoring data. 


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