Don't go up the second step immediately following the first

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From the tree roots that extend out from Elden Ring Runes the continental to the tower, one can see two ladders, the second that has an enemy on it. You should take care to engage the enemies in this area so that you don't risk falling off. Follow the roots to the outcrop on the tower, then climb the upper of both ladders, and then climb the other one.

Don't go up the second step immediately following the first. Instead, use Torrent to double jump across the gap of the archway to the right. Begin climbing the ladder at end of this path instead.

From the top of the ladder and then follow the path that runs around the tower. You can use Torrent's double jumps to get across any gaps, making sure to be aware of several that are difficult to spot coming. There's a place of grace at the end of the track.

The stairs located north of site of grace will lead to the point of activation for The Radahn's Great Rune. For the Godslayer's Greatsword you must turn south, then take the stairs down. Watch out for two Redmane soldiers near the bottom. One of elden ring weapons for sale them is hidden in the corner.