It is possible that you could as well stick around for a while

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4 Regria Wheat Bread

Split image from left to right: the player Lost Ark Gold standing in front of grain sacks in farm field the map of Prideholme and Cook Hely's cooking menu

While you are back at Prideholme It is possible that you could as well stick around for a while and make some homemade bread. For this recipe, you will have to travel south towards the two fields at Prideholme.

Visit the farm field to the west and approach the sacks of grain placed next to a cart and an ox. In the process of examining these sacks you can find a Giant Wheat Sack. The only thing you have to do is go back for Cook Hely and whip up some Regria Wheat Bread for 1,400 silver.

A split image the left side to the right player seeking ferns, map Loghill, Cook Hely's crafting menu

One of Rethramis less delicious recipes can be sourced from those fields in Loghill. You'll need to head toward to the East Oratory. In the southeast corner of a field just below in the East Oratory area, there is a clump of pale ferns. They are surrounded White Redbeak mobs.

Search until you find an "Investigate" icon. By clicking on it, you will collect... A Disgorged Lump. Yummy. It is possible to bring this to Cook Hely back in Prideholme to make Protein Packed White Bird Stew at 1,400 sterling. Turns out the "protein" isn't actually from the birds, but rather the bile they release. Ugh.

Image split from right to cheapest Lost Ark Gold left From left to right: Aquilok's Head secret entrance, map of the Aquilok's Head and a brown sack on the cave floor