Collection of mokoko seeds is an integral element in Lost Ark

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Collection of mokoko seeds is an integral element in Lost Ark. In addition, exploring the Grayhammer Mine and dungeons of Bilbrin Forest can yield a bumper crop of 12 seeds. Once you leave the mainland, and you arrive at the first island, you'll find each 50 will earn you a gift. Also, 12 points on a small map is a fantastic boost.

But, a handful of the Grayhammer mokoko seeds are tricky to come by. They are often hidden away in places that become accessible only at certain points in the path you progress through - one of which will require you to retrace your route. So, if you have missed one, continue reading to locate all of their locations.

Follow the track from the beginning of the dungeon and then go down on the elevator. Once you've fought off the first batch of elementals and brigands a gate leading northeast opens. As you move forward, you'll see the first mokoko seeds to the right of the gate, alongside some other supplies.

Through the gate, you'll be able to cheapest Lost Ark Gold walk into an area which opens to the right, to defeat your second bank of brigands. There's an ingredient to Miner's Rum in a barrel in the floor close to a damaged mine cart in the northeast wall. If you follow the wall just several steps to the east, then you'll discover a secret tunnel in the wall. It's a bit difficult to find, but keep clicking across the walls until you get into it.