Top tips to prevent keyboard snooping attacks

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The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the work outlook of organizations. Most of the organizations had to adapt to the online method of working and some of the organizations remained shut during the lockdown.

However, while the country was struggling through tough times, cybercriminals were busy finding novel ways of tricking people. And, one day they finally came with an idea to attack individuals through the way of keyboard snooping.

So, if you came across this term for the first time and wish to learn more about it, then you must continue reading this further for having more insights on it.

Well, 'keyboard snooping' is a modern way of attacking people through the means of video calling by guessing whatever they are typing on their keyboards. This way attackers can gain access to the login information of different services. And, once they are able to log in, they can easily gain access to sensitive information stored on the user's account.

With that known, let us shed some light on how we can sidestep keyboard snooping attacks by taking some preventive measures.

Here is the list of preventive measures to take

  • Use a robust antivirus

 With an effective antivirus on your device, it is easy to sidestep such attacks so that your data isn't compromised. For this purpose, you are suggested to use McAfee Total Protection by activating it from By making the necessary changes in the security software, you can block others from accessing your webcam.

  • Create a strong password and keep changing it

Whenever you create an online account that too where your official or financial information is stored, use a strong password for logging in to it. Changing password on a regular basis is also a good habit if you do not want your information to get leaked.

  • Use the strong authentication method 

Instead of using just a single method to log in to your account, you must use multi-factor authentication for logging in. This would help when someone knows your password but still needs to complete the other login steps to access the account.

Apart from the tips listed above, you can also use a password manager such as McAfee True Key from the house of to make your account login complicated for others and easier for you.