Scam - Anonymity and Online Dating - A Mixed Blessing

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There are two paramount concerns when it comes to safety while participating in online dating from scam. The first is to protect your anonymity until you can be sure it is safe to reveal personal information. The second is to protect yourself in case your online partner is using

There are two paramount concerns when it comes to safety while participating in online dating from scam. The first is to protect your anonymity until you can be sure it is safe to reveal personal information. The second is to protect yourself in case your online partner is using their anonymity to lie and even to scam you. Online anonymity is definitely a mixed blessing.

Personal Information to Protect.

  1. First and last name. Online dating services have screen names to substitute for your real name. Many people use their first name in the screen name or they quickly give out their real first name when they begin e-mailing a potential partner. In general, it is safest to choose a screen name that doesn't include your real name and to stick with it until you feel safe enough to reveal your full name. Remember that when people find out your name, they can access all sorts of information by Googling you or looking you up in phone directories.
  2. Personal e-mail address and home phone number. Dating services from review provide a method of swapping e-mails through the service. It is even possible to have telephone contact with the service as an intermediary. It is a good idea to stay with these anonymous methods of communication until after you have met the person once or twice and feel safe in letting them have direct access to you. For telephone contact, it is best to use a cell phone rather than giving out your home phone number.
  3. Home address and employer. People who know where to find you during the day or evening may suddenly turn up at your doorstep or your job. You can prevent would-be stalkers from pursuing you by not revealing your address or place of employment.

Lies to Look Out For.

  1. Age, weight, and marital status. Most people who engage in online dating will encounter frequent examples of people from scam who posted photographs that were ten or more years old in order to hide their true age or weight. These lies are quickly recognized at the first in-person meeting. Lies about marital status may be more difficult to uncover. Someone who has difficulty agreeing on a time and place to meet or who has unusual restrictions on incoming telephone calls may well be covering up a marriage. These lies undermine the person's credibility, but do not pose a serious threat to your safety.
  2. Location and identity. Your internet correspondent may be located anywhere on the globe and may completely invent the identity they describe to you. The best safeguard against these lies is to meet the person face-to-face and get a firsthand impression. The liar will usually avoid this meeting and will come up with all kinds of reasons to justify not meeting. If you can't meet them within a realistic time-frame, it is a good idea to call off communications.
  3. Need for money. Scammers will usually invent their identity and tell you a convincing story that leads up to asking you for money. Every year numerous people from review are swindled out of thousands of dollars because they send money to someone they have never met but have corresponded with over the internet. These scammers will avoid meeting you face-to-face. Once again, if you can't meet them within a realistic time-frame, call everything off.

Meeting Face-to-Face Is the Key.

Getting to know someone by e-mail and even by telephone can lead to a false sense of intimacy which causes you to let down your guard and give out too much personal information too soon. Keep in mind that your objective with online dating is to find out enough in advance to let you know if you want to meet someone. It is only through meeting them that you can begin to really getting to know someone and determine when it is time to let go of your anonymity. In general, it is best to set up that first date after three or four e-mails or at most two phone calls. If the other person from scam comes up with reasons they can't meet - there is probably something that is not quite right. Maintain your anonymity, say farewell, and move on to find someone more trustworthy.

Online Dating Profiles That Work

If you stop a minute to think about the purpose of dating profiles, it will be much easier to put a really great one together. At first glance it seems that the purpose of filling out your profile is just so people will understand a little about whom you are and where you are from. And while these things may be true, it is only part of the picture. You profile is also branding you. It is a commercial, and it is selling you. So not only do you want to tell people who you are, you want them to light their keyboards on fire emailing you. So pay attention to your packaging, which is your profile on review.

Punch Up Your Profile with these 3 Online Dating Profile Tips

Scream - What does a scream do? It breaks your concentration on whatever you were doing and completely redirects it to the scream. So if someone is lackadaisically trolling through dating profiles, you want your profile to scream. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a picture. Take the time to post a good photo of yourself, and make sure it really looks like you. Graphic images grab the eye and stop it, and now you have their attention. Have the picture say something about you. Take the time to compose a good picture. It can be doing something that you love, or it can be posed, but make sure that the photo is clear and light. If you need ideas, flip through your favorite magazine, and see how other people put their best foot forward.

Tease - Remember this is a brand, a commercial. You are not going to be able to tell your whole life story in 30 seconds, but you can leave them wanting more scam. The evening news does it every day. They film a "60 Second Tease" that runs throughout the day that entices you to tune into the evening newscast. This tease tells you a little about the news story, but if you want the juicy details, you will have to watch the evening show. It may make a bold statement or ask a question (that you really want to know the answer to). Something like, "Find out how I came to live in an underground house", or "That's how I found out that chocolate really does have side effects." This teaser technique offers someone wanting to contact you a good little icebreaker too.

Action - For a brand to be successful it is not enough for you to know about it, you have to go out and buy it. So somewhere in your profile, you need a call to action. You need the equivalent of, "Call now, before supplies run out." So be low key and friendly, but motivate to move with something like, "I can't wait to hear from you." Remember your goal is to be dating online from review sooner rather than later.

So you have stopped your prospective mate in their tracks and made them notice you. Then you gave them a reason to linger and hooked them with a teaser. You gave them an opening line and finally you gently told them to contact you. This formula has been working for advertisers for years. Since this is one of the most important sales of your life, you may as well pattern your sales pitch, or dating profiles, after the best.

Tips to Writing an Effective Personal Profile for Online Dating Websites That Attract Others

If you are thinking of finding your true love through an online dating website, registering is the first step of the process. The next step is the most important. You must write your personal profile so that people know you are a real person.

So how do put together your personal profile for online dating websites that can attract others?

Ask yourself the reason why are you writing your personal profile

Creating a checklist can help. It may sound scheming or cold but it is important to keep your main goal in check.

Answer questions such as:

  1. Are you just looking to lure potential dates?
  2. Are you trying to meet your perfect match so that you can get married?
  3. Are you dating for fun?
  4. Are you dating for pleasure?

This will determine the way you write your personal profile to attract people from scam who will be a good match for you. It has to be inviting and interesting. Do not feel embarrassed. You need to be honest and upfront when writing. However avoid including irrelevant personal details.  Trickle enough information to intrigue others to learn more about you.

Focus on your positive traits and what makes you an interesting and unique person. Let others have an accurate picture of what you are and who you are, your likes and dislikes, your desires, your ambitions, your dreams, your turn on and turn offs and your attitudes.

Be creative but most importantly be honest. It is the best way to tell others about you and hopefully attract people to you from review.