Advantages of having a kid-friendly restaurant

The Local Shack began at 418 Murray St, Perth in 2010. It started as a humble bar and grill that offered specialty burgers and unique infused vodkas at a fraction of the competitor's price. Value for money and something for everyone was our objective and motivation.


A large part of Perth best burgers customers are families with small children, and many of them take into account the ease of use of children when choosing an establishment. According to a market study, diners with children under the age of 12 spend more than 17,000 million dollars a year in restaurants.

A child-friendly restaurant makes the little ones happy to go out to eat and also brings many benefits to your restaurant. Here are some reasons to transform your business into a more family-friendly environment:

- Attract more customers: That's a lot of potential clients you could attract, and that's not counting their parents. With a kid-friendly restaurant, you can expect to increase traffic flow and attract new customers who are looking for ways to enjoy time with their children.

- Keep customers coming back: If you make families feel welcome and if they enjoy their time in your restaurant, they are much more likely to come back. They are also likely to share news about your restaurant with friends and family, which can ultimately bring more customers to your business.

- Increase your return on investment (ROI): Investing in your Hillarys restaurant to make it more kid-friendly can help your business succeed for years to come. For example, if you invest in a quality and durable playground, you can expect a long-lasting return on investment.

- Differentiate your restaurant from the competition: The restaurant industry is extremely competitive and families have endless options when it comes to finding a place to eat. By creating a kid-friendly restaurant, you make it easy for parents to go. In the end, they will realize that they can trust your establishment to provide the experience they expect.

Contact soft play to build a kid-centered restaurant:

No doubt creating kid-friendly Sorrento Quay restaurants will attract families and help you get new customers. One way to set your restaurant apart from the competition is to add a unique and memorable play area that your young customers will love.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of adding a play area to your kid-friendly restaurant? Contact us at Thelocalshack, we are happy to help business owners choose or design durable, creative, and inclusive play spaces that all ages can enjoy and look forward to.

No matter your budget or space needs, we'll find a custom play solution to help your business attract more families. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today!