Why Own New Orleans Gas Lanterns

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Our lanterns lights are available in natural gas or propane gas, led flame simulation using the patented Coppersmith technology, and several other electric options.

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You have seen gas lanterns in every corner of New Orleans, from the central heart to the suburbs. It reflects the tradition and authenticity of the place. Do you ever think about what makes people own gas or electric lanterns in New Orleans? If not, this article is for you.

If you are willing to make a unique style statement for your home or business, copper lanterns are the best option to go with. The availability of lanterns is wide, and you can easily find them on beaches, parks, streets, hanging on the wall, and more. It’s a great decoration piece combining the old-age culture and authentic aesthetic. Sometimes the lanterns flicker in a variety of ways, while at many times, the flame has elegant lighting rays.

The world-famous gas lanterns of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city situated in America, and it’s an immense tourist hub for its delicious food, great culture, commerce, and history. Bringing gas lanterns from New Orleans adds sterling beauty and eye-glazing ambiance to the house and business places. So you can get a range of lighting to decorate your bedroom as well as your backyard.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, lanterns were used in New Orleans to light up the city, and the contemporary gas and electric lanterns look similar to them. Outdoor gas lanterns offer the same affection and beauty with efficient functionality. These lanterns are widely made up of copper with a simple and pleasing structure. The lanterns have four glass-made closed walls with an open hole on the top. Unlike ancient lanterns, modern gas and electric lanterns can be mounted and hung on the walls in the street and at any corner of the house. Moreover, modern lanterns are available in different designs and sizes.

Uses of gas lanterns

Gas lanterns have many uses that are as mentioned:

  • Light the path – You can easily move inside your house without disarranging the house commodities. Outdoor paths can be more visible at night with the installation of gas lanterns, and you can see the people walking on the path.
  • Suitable for home entrances – Whether it’s an electric or gas lantern, you can find your house entrance more welcoming with the use of lanterns. You can hang and mount the gas lanterns in your entrance area, ultimately making it a pleasing place.
  • Embellish your room – There are sufficient uses for gas lanterns in indoor areas. You can easily employ beautiful copper-made gas lanterns to signify your room. It’s efficient to make you romantic and optimistic.

Gas lanterns are the prior souvenirs of New Orleans that you can bring for house and office use. If you are looking for a suitable place to buy gas lanterns, you can consider Golf Coast Lanterns. They are the top-notch craftsmen of gas lanterns, equipped with advanced tools to deliver authentic gas lanterns. They have customised gas lanterns of excellent quality. You can contact them by visiting their website.