Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy and Uganda Office Address

According to Turkish Airlines stuff rules, in the event that you're not ready to find your things after the fruition of your movement, contact our Turkish Airlines harmed things contact helpline at.


Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

Here are the terms and materials that are considered Turkish Airlines processed stuff and hand gear according to Turkish Airlines' things strategy -


Lodge Baggage

The hand baggage that you are conveying should be of the size and weight referenced with your Turkish Airlines reservation and should fit under the seat.

The heaviness of the lodge stuff should be inside 8kg, and the size should not surpass 23 x 40 x 55 cm.

Non-precluded fluids like scents, splashes, and clinical arrangements should be conveyed in sizes under 100 ml, fixed, and stuffed in compartments. Holder sizes north of 100 ml are not permitted in the lodge.

Shaving packs and other skin health management basics, for example, make-up, mascara, salve, lipstick, and so on should be conveyed in a 1-liter zip-lock straightforward sack.

On the off chance that you're going with a newborn child, you can convey as much child food installed as there is no overabundance limit recommended to it.

Respiratory gadget mechanical assembly is permitted in the lodge.

Lighter and match sticks are not permitted in that frame of mind, as it is given on demand ready and not in that frame of mind of a weapon.

You can convey athletic gear on board for however long they are conveyed in an extraordinary pack.

Furthermore, carriages are permitted in the lodge for babies, as the size should be 115 cm.

Kindly note these aspects and cutoff points are as per the Turkish Airlines staff strategy


Actually looked at Baggage

On all flights, no matter what the class of administration, Turkish Airlines checked stuff remittance should be inside 32 kg.

Newborn child travelers are qualified to convey one piece of stuff weighing not in excess of 10 kg on each flight.

The size of the checked stuff should be 158 cm or 62 square inches.

Any travelers wouldn't be permitted to convey something like 5 actually look at things every way.

If it's not too much trouble, note these aspects and cutoff points are as per the Turkish Airlines staff strategy.


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