Hands-on Learning (Beginners Guide Photography)

Your lesson begins with a rundown of the basics of your camera and the principles of photography. Jared explains the major parts and functions of any DSLR in clear, concise detail, with helpful suggestions for always being ready to capture that important moment.


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FroKnowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto

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You are more Than AUTO

You are smarter than your camera, so why let it make all the decisions for you? Your camera’s Auto feature may give you okay results, but who is happy with just okay?

This guide will show you how easy it is to break free of Auto and unlock your potential to capture AMAZING images. You will be surprised at how easy it is to take full control of your camera and create captivating photos in any situation.

Features in The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide Include...

  • Three Hours of never before seen VIDEO content that showcases real-world shooting environments
  • The opportunity to join Jared on four professional-level photo shoots as his virtual assistant
  • Discover how easy it is to "freeze" motion in your photos
  • Finally get out of Auto and unlock the power of your DSLR
  • Covers many topics from Jared’s FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Boot Camp, at a fraction of the cost and with no travel!
  • Learn how to “blow out” the background to give your images pop
  • 20+ minutes of AMAZING bonus video that includes a five year plan for growth as a photographer, including some tips on making money with your work
  • Learn how to take your composition to the next level

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See the World

There is nothing more important than “seeing the world” that is around you. I want to explain how you can train your mind and eyes to see the images that are around us at all time.

Basics of Your Camera

No matter the make or model of your camera I am going to show you the basics of the buttons so you have a better understand. I explain everything around the dial from what the auto mode to A-S-M-P

Good Lenses

Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass!!! Did you know there is a difference between a good piece of glass and a basic piece of glass. I want to explain right up front how important using quality lenses is. Remember that quality glass does not always mean expensive.

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Composition Explained

Do you know what makes one image stand out as a WOW and some others as a Pass, composition. Understanding the basics of composition is going to allow you to capture images that make people go WOW. I hammer home the fundamentals of composition by using real world examples to allow you to visually understand each one.

Why I Avoid Cropping

You may hear people say that they “crop” their images often. I personally do not crop and pass along that mentality to you. When you crop you are taking away important data that could leave you with an image with less quality.

Your Camera's Shooting Modes

Let’s take a look at what the different modes of your camera mean. On your cameras dial you will see a A or AV which stands for Aperture Priority. This means you set the Aperture and the camera will set the proper shutter speed S or TV stands for Shutter Priority. This means that you set the shutter speed and the camera will set the aperture. The mode I will have you learning is the M mode or Manual. This gives you full control of your settings

How Shutter Speed Affects Motion

Did you know that if you have a slow shutter speed there is a better chance your subject will have motion blur? A faster shutter speed generally allows you to freeze motion but you have to keep in mind that any changes you make will effect the exposure triangle.

How Shutter Speed Affects Exposure

Your shutter not only helps you capture motion it controls the amount of light that enters your camera. This is where under and over exposing an image comes into play. The faster the shutter speed the less light you will let in. The slow the shutter speed the longer the shutter is open, the more light you will let in.


Your ISO controls how sensitive to light your image sensor is. For example the brighter a situation is the lower your ISO may be. You raise your ISO in darker situations to make your image sensor more sensitive to light. There are different things that happen as you raise your ISO so you will want to be careful.


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Do you want to “blow out” your background meaning do you want to have your subject completely sharp and your background blurry?

Well this is just one of many things that your aperture controls.

Depth of Field

When you are trying to get either a little or a lot in focus you have to think about your depth of field. I will show you exactly how to make this work with even the most basic lenses.

How Focal Length Effects Depth of Field

Getting closer or further away from your subject will effect how much of the background is either in focus or out. This means even with your basic kit lens you can make the background go blurry by following the steps I discuss in this section.

Variable Aperture Lenses

Lets take a look at what the difference between a fix aperture vs variable aperture lens. A variable aperture lens means that as you zoom in or out your aperture is going to change. In a fixed aperture lens as you zoom the aperture is going to stay the same no matter what.

Understanding Your Camera's Light Meter

Have you seen those lines in your camera that usually have a + and - next to them? Have you seen the little needle move to the left and right depending on how much light there is? Well I am going to help you fully understand how you can control your light meter, read your light meter and get the results you are looking for.

Focus Modes Explained

Did you know that your camera has different focus modes, not just auto and manual? Depending on your camera there are different modes for shooting action, still lives, portraits and much much more. This is a section you wont want to miss.

The Exposure Triangle

The most important aspect to understanding and mastering photography is the exposure triangle. What I teach you in this section is “cause and effect”. If I change this setting this will also happen. I paint it in such a way that you will see and understand everything in no time.

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Kid at Playground

Have you ever heard someone tell you that you can only get good pictures with the most expensive camera and lenses? Well I will prove to you that you can capture amazing moments with the most basic of starter gear. I used a camera on this photo shoot that is an entry level camera that is no longer even made. I combined that with a variable aperture lens and came away with amazing results. If I can do this with the most basic of gear, so can you.

Skateboarding Action and Portraits

How many of you out there want to capture great action shots, whether its your child playing a sport or performing on stage? In this real world photo shoot you will see different ways you can tell a story from capturing action shots to portraits. I show you how images can be found not just in faces or action but also in hands, feet, shoes and boards.

Indoor Dancer

Low light photography takes skill and I will show you the roadmap to capturing killer indoor photos. Follow me as I photograph a dancer with some very interesting moves. If you can capture action images in low light, you will be able to capture them anywhere.

Parking Lot Portrait

Follow me as I have to turn a boring parking lot into my photo studio. You may hear parking lot and think how will I capture great images? Well using the different rules of composition and different focal lengths I show you how I captured amazing images. You will learn that you can shoot portraits almost anywhere by using the lessons learned in this video guide.

I've Also Included This BONUS VIDEO...

The Five Year Photography Plan

EXTRA 20 MIN VIDEO FREE. Do you have a plan for your photography? I layout a 5 year plan for you to follow that gives you Pro Tips on how to market yourself as well as make money with your work. Everybody's plan may be a little different but it is very smart to have a plan.

Everybody's Gotta Start Somewhere

With FroKnowsPhoto: Go Above and Beyond Auto, pro photographer and FroKnowsPhoto.com creator Jared Polin gives you a fun and informative approach to learning photography, from assembling your camera to understanding terminology, with great motivational tips about different ways of seeing and capturing your world along the way.

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Whether you’ve just picked up your first DSLR or you’ve been using one for a while, you’ll walk away from this guide with a richer appreciation for what you can do with your camera and the confidence to capture incredible, dynamic photos.

The best part is that this isn’t only classroom learning – instead of just listening to Jared talk about photography, you’ll see him capture actual examples that show the cause and effect of each change on the same image and watch real world photo shoots play out with these lessons in mind. By the end, you will not only get out of Auto and unlock the power of your camera, you’ll unlock your ability to capture great images.

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