First up, you’ll want to refer to a price guide

First up, you’ll want to refer to a price guide


You also get randomly given Champions Crates in the game, and inside them you’ll find a random item. The problem is you need keys to unlock them. You can buy them in bulk from the Rocket League marketplace, or individually, or trade some of your other items for keys.Developer Psyonix donates some of the cash made from microtransactions to the Rocket League eSports prize pools.All items in Rocket League are for cosmetic purposes only, but if you’re an avid collector it’s very easy to get the urge to complete full sets of items, and collect as much as possible.

First up, you’ll want to refer to a price guide. The most accurate price list we’ve discovered can be found right here. Though it’s been created by a member of the Steam community it’s also applicable to PS4 and Xbox Rocket League players.Though it’s not 100% accurate, it gives you a good estimate of how much items are worth in terms of their key value, including crates, cars, decals and much more. Simply scroll down, find the item you want to trade and you’ll find out roughly how many keys it’s worth.

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