How to hit the stick in Madden 21

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Learning how to use the "strike stick" function in Madden 21 correctly can take your defense to a new level. This kind of action may result in huge hits and serve, but it may also be counterproductive and make the offense obtain considerable benefits.

The batting stick requires players to line up in front of the opposing player. Most players will control the defensive player in front of the opposing player they wish to have the ball. After the game begins, move the character toward the ball holder, and then move the right stick up or down to activate the striker.

If done correctly, the defensive player will inflict a cruel blow, which may cause the ball carrier to fall. The defender can using Madden 21 Coins and move it in their favor, but there are risks when trying to hit the opponent.

Using a batting stick does not always lead to failure, but it can still demoralize opponents through powerful tackles . However, if the player has a lag in playing softball or misses another player, they can make a significant gain for the offense. Make sure you hit the opponent within the correct distance, and don't risk letting the opponent get the yards easily.

If you Buy MUT 21 Coins in a reliable store, hitting an offensive player can change the outcome of the game. Add this strategy to your repertoire, but remember to use it wisely.